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143 Acts – Part 3

 143 Random Acts of Kindness is Continuing….Go here to read the why and Part 2 source #8 – Donated money to friend riding bike ride to support MS research – Kelly #9 – Donated bed #10 – Gave coach paperwork … Continue reading

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143 Acts

I am closing in on what was my due date. This pregnancy started with surprise, which led to excitement, which led to fear, which ended in grief. So now only sad memories are associated with this pregnancy and I would … Continue reading

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The Secret

I have found the secret to weight loss. People will be amazed with my results and will be amazed that they too can get the same results. I lost 8 pounds this week! First off, let me explain that I … Continue reading

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Words are powerful. They can be arranged in so many ways. The arrangement can be helpful or hurtful. When I told people I was pregnant with my fourth child I received many responses. I wrote down several which left a … Continue reading

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6 Weeks

It has been 6 weeks since my miscarriage and I’m angry. Just plain angry. I don’t know what stage of grief that falls under. In fact, I purposely have not looked at the stages of grief. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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I Can Handle It

Since I haven’t cut or colored my hair in the last 3 months I decided to remedy the situation. I was beginning to look like a homeless hag so no one complained when I made the appointment and took a … Continue reading

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A New Focus?

Maybe what I need right now is a new focus – something to direct my energy toward until I get the a-okay from the doctor to be out and about again. After browsing tons of TV shows and way too … Continue reading

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The Grocery Game

Last night I drove to the grocery store to get several important items for our family: milk, ice cream cones, peanut M&M’s, chapstick, allergy medicine, People magazine, and InStyle magazine. (You just wouldn’t believe how Andrew has been hounding me … Continue reading

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I’m slowly making it day by day. I didn’t cry yesterday and I haven’t cried yet today. I know it’s okay if I do and okay if I don’t. There are a couple of things helping me get through this … Continue reading

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Today in the mail I received a letter from the hospital. While I have many ideas on how a situation like mine could be handled better in my doctor’s office, I’ll save that for another time. (I know, I know, … Continue reading

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