Tonight I officially became my parents.

Yes, I’ve seen bits and pieces of them come out before but tonight was the turning point.

I have become my parents.

They went to countless swim practices, swim meets, and bought us endless amounts of swim caps, swim shampoo, and suits.

And tonight, I was reminded that they bought tons of goggles.

Driving home from swim practice with Andrew I said, “I noticed you kept pushing on your goggles right before you would dive in”

“Yeah, those goggles get loose when I dive in.”

“You should wear your new pair.”

“Well, I can’t find those.”

“The blue pair?”


“You only wore those one time.”

“Maybe I left them at the pool last time.”

“Those goggles cost SEVENTEEN DOLLARS.”

——-  silence from the back seat ———-

“You wore those one time and already lost them. They cost SEVENTEEN DOLLARS.”

Note: My husband and I have been swimmers our whole lives. Our goggles cost $5.00 a pair.  Seems to me that our eyes adjusted just fine to the five dollar goggles. Guess who else is going to be forced to wear the five dollar goggles no matter how they feel on his eyes.

Once home I went into another room and let my husband oversee the tooth brushing.

A few minutes later my husband walks into the room I’m in and announces, “I’m going to the pool.”


“To go look in the locker room.”

“He lost those goggles days ago. They’re not going to be there.”

“He left his swim suit at the pool.”

—– silence from me ——

And now my parents are laughing.

The Picky Eater

Saturday night we went to a Halloween party at a friends house.

As I was standing around the appetizer table stuffing my face with chips and dip another mom said, “My son is the pickiest eater.”

And with that statement, I knew I had to take her down.

Now, having the pickiest eater is certainly not something I enjoy or celebrate but since it’s the case I’m going to claim it.

“Oh, I don’t know about that. My daughter is very picky.”

“Oh, Miles is the pickiest eater. He doesn’t eat eggs or drink milk.”

Lady, is that the best you’ve got?

“He will only eat grilled chicken.”

So he eats meat…?

“He doesn’t really like the cilantro I put in this dip.”

Oh, you mean the dip he’s been scarfing down. The one that obviously contains mayonnaise, corn, and green stuff, also known as cilantro. Let me just get this over with and save us both a lot of time and you a lot of embarrassment.

“Caroline eats peanut butter sandwiches every night and has for the last year.”

“Oh… Miles isn’t that picky”

Yeah, that’s what I thought lady.

Wonder Woman Costume

This year for Halloween Caroline has decided to dress up as Wonder Woman.

I was all for this costume choice and eagerly jumped at the chance to “make” her costume.

First, I researched googled Wonder Woman and came up with Linda Carter.

(As a side note, I was convinced when I was younger that my aunt had played Wonder Woman – she looked exactly like her).

Those costume designers must have really hated Linda since those blue shorts, in my opinion, could not be more unflattering.

With that in mind, we added a bit more fabric for my little WW.

I know.


Red shirt – consignment store – $2

Blue skort – Goodwill – $1.99 (new with tags on it)

Red boots – consignment store – $6 , then spent $4 on spray paint to make them red

Crown & cuffs – made by me – gold fabric from JoAnn’s – probably $10 – 15.

Gold Lasso which hooks onto her belt- gold string from JoAnn’s – probably $5

Gold Belt – gold material from JoAnn’s- probably $5

Attitude and confidence?

All her own!

Front Yard Halloween Sign

In a previous post I mentioned that I liked this Halloween decoration…

Well, our family made our own using materials we already had.

In the garage we found planks of wood from a pallet (for the place signs) and then a standing piece to secure those smaller signs to.

The boys insisted that the names of the places had to come from somewhere…

Do you know where they came from?

Blog Update

While I would like to post everyday, I just cannot keep up the pace with our busy lives.

For example, this weekend we are hosting our Halloween party and I need to focus on cooking, cleaning, and gathering games.

I am not shutting down Big D & Me, just posting when I can.

I won’t post everyday, probably at least once a week.

Thanks for reading Big D & Me and please come and visit soon!

Carrot Juice

Andrew goes to swim practice twice a week.

Driving home with him is always entertaining because it usually involves detailed descriptions of an animal video game he’s played at a friends house.

If we’re not talking about video game animals than we are talking about animals in general.

Tonight, we talked about flamingos.

While he was describing the enclosure he set up for the flamingos in the video game, I asked, “Why are flamingos pink?”

Andrew said, “It’s because of the carrot juice in the shrimp they eat.”

“You mean the carotene in the shrimp?”

“Yes, that’s what I said. The carrot juice that’s in the shrimp.”

The Piano Guys

I saw “The Piano Guys” on the Katie Couric show and thought they were so much fun.

My kids loved watching them as well so I thought you might too.

Here they are playing, “What Makes You Beautiful,” by One Direction.

 Check out more of their videos on You Tube…they’ve songs from Coldplay, Star Wars, and plenty more.

A New Niece or Nephew Update!

Well, after 24 hours hours of labor my sister had…

a little girl!

Little Adeline was born on 10 – 11 – 12!

Thankfully mom and baby are doing well, just a tad exhausted.

Hopefully, they will be home within the next day or two and those pictures will start coming.

Congratulations Amanda and Ben!

(And yes, several people have pointed out that my Baby Gender Prediction Test is now 2 for 2!)

A New Niece or Nephew Soon…

My sister called to tell me today that her water broke.

A little while later we heard from her that the contractions were 20 minutes apart.

I told my kids who were excited that a new cousin was on the way.

And since my sister and her husband haven’t decided on a name just yet, I asked the kids what their suggestions were.

Alex (age 10) : Calvin Johnson – that’s the name of a Detroit Lions player – I’m pretty sure he was thinking of his uncle when he suggested this.

Andrew (age 7): John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt – maybe a tad on the long side

Caroline (age 3): Mr. Underpants – said with tons and tons of laughter

So, the waiting is on.

 Can’t wait to find out all about little Calvin Jingleheimer Underpants!