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A Texas History Bow Hunt

Now that school is in session around here let’s talk about ridiculous homework. Last year my son studied Texas History in 7th grade. It’s not really a topic that thrills him which is surprising because he is such a history … Continue reading

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Easy Bathroom Shelves

You know when you walk around the house and all of a sudden you can think of nothing else but getting a project done. I actually got one of those kind of projects done last week. Our master bathroom area … Continue reading

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Cleanup Hitters of the Fridge

Do you ever notice that moms are the cleanup hitters of the fridge? Everyone else can open up the fridge, look at all its contents, and declare, “There’s nothing to eat.” But moms on the other hand, look at the … Continue reading

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Mermaid Shelf using a Pallet

Last time I shared my daughter’s bathroom with you and today I’m sharing the pallet shelving unit my husband made. When we completed this project 3 years ago pallet projects were all the rage. At the time I was able … Continue reading

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A Little Girl Bathroom – Under the Sea

This is the bathroom that took 3 years to complete – did we do any major repairs? did we take out the tub and sink? Did we redo the floor? No. No. And no. We painted, hung a shelf, and … Continue reading

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A “Bench” of Personality

The longer I am married the more I have come to realize that I am the big thinker in the marriage. Let’s build a house! Let’s go to Disney World! Let’s paint the piano! All of these big ideas stress … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

My husband’s birthday is today and I just want to give him a shout out. He’s really the most caring, loving person I could have ever asked for to spend my life with. He’s the best dad to our kiddos … Continue reading

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A Simple & Easy Rug

Due to a rather unfortunate stomach bug that hit our family last year I needed to invest in a new bathroom rug. I did not want to spend a lot of money because inevitably there will be another bug that … Continue reading

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A Colorful Bedroom Wreath

My name is Jennifer and I am a craft materials hoarder. When you are a craft materials hoarder it’s easy to say, “This project didn’t cost me anything.” At least that’s what I tell my husband. He is well aware … Continue reading

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Chicken Wire Frame in the Ol’Bedroomo

Isn’t the title funny? No? Well as I’m watching this football game I’m finding that I need something to entertain myself. Actually, truth be told, I’m not even watching the game. Gotta grab those quiet moments in front of the … Continue reading

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