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A Home Made Ghost Pinata

I made this pinata last year for our Halloween party but never got around to sharing it. This project is easy and lots of fun as long as you are not a perfectionist with your decorations. Since the name of … Continue reading

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Easy Lazy Day Art Project for Kids & Adults

Here’s a fun art project I discovered when cruising around the web…Glue & Salt Painting! Here are the directions: 1. Make an interesting design with some glue on your paper – we went abstract but you could easily makes a … Continue reading

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Simple Spring (& Summer) Mantle

We recently had company coming over and an empty mantle so I looked around the house for some materials to make something. I had recently ordered several $5, 8 x 10 canvases for our house from an online company. The … Continue reading

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A Little Girl Bathroom – Under the Sea

This is the bathroom that took 3 years to complete – did we do any major repairs? did we take out the tub and sink? Did we redo the floor? No. No. And no. We painted, hung a shelf, and … Continue reading

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2015 Family Words

Last week I shared our 2014 family words and today I’m going to share with you our 2015 words. For the canvases last year we used colorful magazine clippings but I decided to try and make it a little different … Continue reading

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2014 Family Words of the Year & Our Wall of Pictures

Last year was the first year each member of our family came up with a “word” for the year. The word each person chose was entirely up to them, although I did provide the 4 yr old with some choices. … Continue reading

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The – Shrek the Musical – Party

For my daughter’s 5th birthday party she decided on a “Shrek the Musical,” party. We found this musical on Netflix and she feel in love with it, watching it probably 20 times. In my opinion, this musical is FAB.U.LOUS! Go … Continue reading

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Halloween Pillows Made by Kids

I was walking through the store the other day when I found orange polka dot napkins on clearance. I decided to pick up a few since I thought they would make some fun Halloween pillows. My 5 yr old and … Continue reading

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She is Fierce: Bedroom Art

Anyone who knows my four year old knows that she has a mind of her own. I present to you one of her latest self chosen preschool outfits as a small piece of evidence. So when I came across the … Continue reading

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A Colorful Bedroom Wreath

My name is Jennifer and I am a craft materials hoarder. When you are a craft materials hoarder it’s easy to say, “This project didn’t cost me anything.” At least that’s what I tell my husband. He is well aware … Continue reading

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