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2015 Free Dowloadable Calendar

Well, it’s been awhile. Between the kids activities, working, and my vow to get off the electronics to spend time with my husband at night, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for this space. But I am going to … Continue reading

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Weekly Menu

I hate cooking. No, that’s not actually true. I really really dislike cooking. It’s not calming for me, it’s not enjoyable, I just don’t like it. I don’t like menu planning either. (I have obviously now entered my Archie Bunker … Continue reading

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Easy Advent Calendar with a Paper Bag

***I am reposting this from 2 years ago – the only change I will be making for this years advent calendar will be at the end of this post***and sadly, I have to report that there was no big Powerball … Continue reading

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A Stroke of Luck

Whew. Did you hear that? That sound was my whole body exhaling. Truth be told I’ve been holding my breath for the last five years. We’ve reached a milestone around here and it’s reason for us to celebrate. My husband … Continue reading

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January Goals Revisited

Setting goals by the month turned out pretty well for me. While I accomplished a lot of things on and off my list, I will admit I sometimes felt stressed by the list. There were moments when I was sitting … Continue reading

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Celebration List – It’s a Printable!

I am the world’s worst person when it comes to remembering birthdays or anniversaries. My entire family and group of friends are all nodding their head in agreement right now. I have two friends who I have known since birth … Continue reading

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Master Calendar/Schedule

Since we have 5 people in our family we naturally have 673 things going on at any one time. While I have my personal calendar and Derek has his own, somehow we would still each miss recording events. This miscommunication … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar with a Twist

After you read this post today you may think I only do craft projects that involve paper bags. Not so. But I can’t prove that today. Usually my paper bag crafts are my spur of the moment ideas and the … Continue reading

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