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Sweets for School

I decided at the last minute to make some treats for the boys to take to school for their friends. Usually they come home from every holiday celebration at school with bags of goodies. There have been cellophane bags filled … Continue reading

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Listening Around the House

“Poopy face” “Go poop in a bucket, pooper” “Why did the chicken cross the road?…to get poop” What? You are not laughing hysterically? You must not be an 8 and under boy. The above is what life at my house … Continue reading

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Just Like her Brothers

Caroline loves Alex and Andrew more than anything in this world. She also has a love for clothes. She is always trying to take things off the rack and try them on in stores. Folding laundry at home with her … Continue reading

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The Best Made Plans

Derek and I have had today scheduled for weeks as a designated “Santa Works Around the House & Helps Mrs. Claus finish Christmas shopping and wrapping day”. He was planning on taking the day off from work and help with … Continue reading

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Tree Update

Well, I thought since it’s been a week since I posed the real vs. fake question I’d give you our decision. But first I must say this was definitely a hot button issue with you guys. I promise we took … Continue reading

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Swimming on Empty?

Here’s another story from my swim practice the other day: I swam all practice next to a 20 something guy who I’ve seen for the past couple of months. After practice we were talking with the coach about some health … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning Caroline woke up early. As she was cruising around the house I was doing some laundry. I suddenly became aware that I hadn’t seen her for awhile. Worse yet. It was quiet. Quiet = Trouble So I went … Continue reading

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Influences from the Past

I only ever remember lacking two things when growing up. Other than those two things I had an amazing childhood. We had a house of 6 people – 4 girls, 2 boys. We were constantly going through supplies and my … Continue reading

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Kid Art Display

When our kids were in preschool we had a tremendous amount of artwork coming home. Andrew actually still has a ton of artwork coming home. I wanted to display their work since they were so proud but wasn’t sure what … Continue reading

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He’s no Rico Suave

I swim several times a week on a masters swim team. This is also fondly known as old people trying to reclaim their youth while talking about every ailment they have. I happen to be the oldest person one night … Continue reading

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