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Mr. Magorium’s Magic Emporium

Despite the fact that this movie deals with death, it is one of our favorite kid movies. The music is beautiful, mostly instrumental. Natalie Portman, Dustin Hoffman, and Jason Bateman are all amazing. Plus, the humor is right on and … Continue reading

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Dressed Up for Work

They sure have jazzed up those new Home Depot uniforms

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Undercover Veggie

Shhhh….my kids ate zucchini today but they have no idea. Somewhere I failed as a parent in regards to my kids’ eating. We are not one of those families where the kids eat everything on their plate. “Oh, Johnny just … Continue reading

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A Watched Pot

Last week as Alex was searching for something for lunch he asked me, “Do you know how to make mac n’cheese?” I took it as an insult. While I am admittedly a bad cook, I can at least make mac … Continue reading

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OohMoon – Free Kid Art!

Katie Moon is an amazing graphic artist who has taken on an interesting project this year. In her words, “Every day for the next year I will create a new illustration (with children in mind). For one day, each illustration … Continue reading

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A Little Hairy Target Fun

For just $1.00…. Frida, Adolph, & others can visit you Run to Target and get some ‘staches!

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Rainbow Vanilla Pops

I first saw the idea of pudding pops here and decided it would be a fun project for the kids Items you need: food coloring, plastic spoons, instant vanilla pudding mix and milk (not shown), and small plastic cups (not … Continue reading

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Pat Morita Lives in Our House

Meet our little Mr. Miyagi Let me widen the screen a bit on Mr. Miyagi. Notice anything? No? Let me point something out to you. Our sensei is standing next to her opponent. Caroline and I were standing by the … Continue reading

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Piano Week

Andrew & Alex started piano lessons last week. In an attempt to add to their excitement, we had PIANO WEEK at our house. What might you ask is Piano Week? Well, it’s just a week of activities I thought up … Continue reading

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Important Mommy Trait #1

One of the most important traits a mom can have is the ability to silently consume a bag of M & M’s while standing next to her children. At least in my book.

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