Rainbow Vanilla Pops

I first saw the idea of pudding pops here and decided it would be a fun project for the kids

Items you need: food coloring, plastic spoons, instant vanilla pudding mix and milk (not shown), and small plastic cups (not shown)

Prepare the vanilla pudding according to directions

Use food coloring to change the pudding into desired colors

Watch out for little hands who are “helping”

Fill the plastic cups with various colored pudding amounts

Argue constantly that your brother is getting more of one color than you

Place a plastic spoon in the cup and place in freezer

Enjoy your frozen treat after a rough day of playing with water balloons

Are you making any fun summer treats?

7 thoughts on “Rainbow Vanilla Pops

  1. You could actually be the next millionaire with this idea! I was just at William Sonoma’s the other day and they have the Zooku popsicle maker. You buy the maker which as 3 or 2 slots, then you must buy the sticks, the recipe book and the extra containters to hold the other pops you make in the freezer…etc….etc…etc. The price for this is somewhere around $120.00. Amazing!!! I got a free recipe from them…pink mojito’s pops. Let me know if you would like it and I will send it your way.

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