Pat Morita Lives in Our House

Meet our little Mr. Miyagi

Let me widen the screen a bit on Mr. Miyagi.

Notice anything?


Let me point something out to you.

fly carolineOur sensei is standing next to her opponent.

Caroline and I were standing by the window looking at trucks outside our house when a fly started to bother us. I walked into the kitchen to grab a towel to swat the fly when I heard a whack, followed by, “I got it.”

A doll, a book, a sword?

No people. She meant she got THE FLY.

I walked back into the room to this.

In all fairness the fly may have been a little slow due to the pest guy spraying the day before but it doesn’t dismiss the fact that my TWO YEAR OLD KILLED A FLY WITH HER HANDS!

All of the waxing and painting I make her do is finally paying off.

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