Pat Morita Lives in Our House

Meet our little Mr. Miyagi

Let me widen the screen a bit on Mr. Miyagi.

Notice anything?


Let me point something out to you.

fly carolineOur sensei is standing next to her opponent.

Caroline and I were standing by the window looking at trucks outside our house when a fly started to bother us. I walked into the kitchen to grab a towel to swat the fly when I heard a whack, followed by, “I got it.”

A doll, a book, a sword?

No people. She meant she got THE FLY.

I walked back into the room to this.

In all fairness the fly may have been a little slow due to the pest guy spraying the day before but it doesn’t dismiss the fact that my TWO YEAR OLD KILLED A FLY WITH HER HANDS!

All of the waxing and painting I make her do is finally paying off.

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5 thoughts on “Pat Morita Lives in Our House

  1. Well, we all have hidden talents and we are just starting to find out Caroline’s!

  2. that’s what comes from growing up with 2 older brothers! She has to be able to defend herself….although I know the boys would NEVER do anything to her…. 🙂

  3. First off, your little girl is beautiful!!! and secondly I wish that my kids had those mad skills. Instead my son screams for me to come kill it lol. Loving your site I found you via the blog hop from J&M’s Eyecandy

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