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Moms…Just Exercise At Home

I was watching TV the other day when a segment came on about how moms could easily exercise at home. Now, before you get onto me about watching the segment, I was doing what most moms do, I was multi-tasking … Continue reading

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Mom Fail…Number 8,745…the School Supplies Edition

After returning from vacation in the middle of July my soon to be 4th grader asked, “Are we ever going to buy school supplies?” “Well son, seeing as we still have five weeks before you start school I think we … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished…Saving Money with a Chart

Look who accomplished her mission of saving for a stuffed animal! Last time we left off my six year old was busy working odd jobs like folding towels around the house in order to save enough money to purchase a … Continue reading

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A Texas History Bow Hunt

Now that school is in session around here let’s talk about ridiculous homework. Last year my son studied Texas History in 7th grade. It’s not really a topic that thrills him which is surprising because he is such a history … Continue reading

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The Night Before Kindergarten…

My little one is going to kindergarten and I couldn’t be more excited for her. She’s grown so much and come such a long way it’s time for her to go. But I will admit I will miss spending Fridays … Continue reading

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She Works Hard for Her Money…Chart for Saving Money for Kids

I took my 6 year old to the mall the other day and she had a serious case of the “I wants.” After telling her for the millionth time, “Okay, let’s add that to your birthday list,” she said, “But … Continue reading

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What Happened to Your…?

You know the rule about never asking a woman if she’s pregnant? Even if she’s so round in the belly she looks as if she’s having triplets? You. Just. Don’t. Say. Anything. Well, I was asked something along those lines … Continue reading

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Mom Rant

I’m going to rant for a moment. It won’t be becoming of me or show the nice side of myself but it will be truthful. Parents can sometimes suck. I’m not excluding myself from this group, sometimes I suck. But … Continue reading

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Super Mom?

The other day my 5 year old and I were lying on the bed reading our own books after shower time. I was reading a wonderful book and Caroline was looking at a Wonder Woman book she had chosen from … Continue reading

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Move Over Mia Hamm

So this happened last weekend… Caroline played in her first soccer game. After watching her brothers play in roughly 692,000 games over the last five years, she is so excited to be on a team and play in her own … Continue reading

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