She is Fierce: Bedroom Art

Anyone who knows my four year old knows that she has a mind of her own.

I present to you one of her latest self chosen preschool outfits as a small piece of evidence.


So when I came across the Shakespeare quote, “And though she be but little, she is fierce,” I knew it described Caroline and it would be perfect somewhere in her room.

One day while the boys were at school Caroline and I made this sign:


Here’s how we made it:

We found a board in the garage that was roughly 1 1/2 ft by 3 1/2 feet and gathered some paints. Since this is going in her “rainbow room” we grabbed an assortment of colors.


We then slapped on some color with the foam brushes, pausing after each color to dry the paint with the hair dryer.



“Please don’t touch the hair dryer it’s hot.”


Aaaaaand we touch it anyway.


I’m thinking maybe I should make another sign that says, “And though she has good hearing, she chooses to ignore most of what her momma says.”

After we had covered the entire board with bright colors I took some gold paint and randomly placed it on the board and completely around the edges.



I then found some leftover vinyl letters that we used on science fair boards several years ago and fashioned them into the letters we needed. I cut the letters and number below to create “she.”


Once all of the letters are arranged the way you would like them, peel the stickers off and place them onto your board.



For the last step, I spray painted the entire sign white. Once the sign is dry, peel off the letters to discover the fun design underneath.



The sign is now sitting on Caroline’s bed frame waiting to be hung up

IMG_4130Describes her perfectly.

Man I love that kid.


Independent. Spirited. FIERCE.

Mr. Rogers is a Good Place to Start

 Thinking about everyone in Boston.

The explosions killed an 8 year old.

Once again, another reminder to hug your kids everyday and tell them you love them.

This is so difficult to explain to children (and adults).

Thought this would be a good place to start…



Last weekend Caroline and I were at the playground during Alex’s lacrosse practice.

She was quite content to just swing and swing.

After awhile, two little girls walked up and got on the swings to her left.

Caroline proceeded to talk to them and they proceeded to ignore her.

One little girl told the other she was five.

The second little girl said, “Oh, I’m six.”

Caroline then said, “I’m fa-ree,” while holding up her three little fingers.

No response from them.

So I said, “Yes, Caroline. You are three.”

She ignored me and looked at the girls again.

With a flick of the wrist in my direction, she then said …..








“And this is my mom. She’s not fa-ree. She’s old.”



Any illusions you may have had that this is a family blog will be over shortly.

Found these quotes.

I think they are funny.

And my favorite….

Have a great weekend!