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Easter Eggs, I’m Done

I’ve done my part of eating from the fridge and I can do no more. So far this week I have eaten 4 egg salad sandwiches, 2 salads with hard boiled eggs in them, and 1 hard boiled egg by … Continue reading

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Easter Weekend 2013 Recap

First up on the fun filled weekend was Caroline’s preschool Easter egg hunt. We were asked to fill up the eggs with things other than candy. I thought that meant stickers and silly bands. Others thought it meant money. Next … Continue reading

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From Birthday to Easter Decorations – Easy & Lazy

Caroline’s birthday party was over 3 weeks ago – so naturally the decorations are still up. Since I liked all the bright colors I figured I could keep them all upĀ  for Easter (and the rest spring) by just tweaking … Continue reading

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It happened again.

It happened again. But this time my husband was the victim. If you ask me though, he was kind of asking for it. Caroline was loose and there were consequences. I’m thinking of possibly buying a cage to stick her … Continue reading

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Easter Synopsis Part 2

Let’s see, where were we when we last left off… 7:24 am – Oldest Bunny decides to change attitude 7:27 am – Shoes are on and baskets are empty – let the games begin. First up, the front yard. 7:38 … Continue reading

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An Easter Synopsis

9:00 – 10:00 pm Easter Eve – Momma & Poppa Bunny fill Easter eggs with candy, check to make sure the gifts (books, coloring books, card games, stickers are equal). 10:05 pm Easter Eve – Momma Bunny complains her stomach … Continue reading

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Mary Poppins Hat

I’m pretty sure everyone guessed from this clue that we had a Mary Poppins 3rd birthday party. And if you have a Mary Poppins party, you have to have a Mary Poppins hat. 1 – Go to Target and buy … Continue reading

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Here’s a funny little nugget I never posted: On Easter morning after our Easter egg hunt, I took the boys to church. We sat in the back row and people watched until the service began. Alex quickly located a woman … Continue reading

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Last weekend I took Caroline and Andrew to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Derek and Alex were off at a soccer game so they missed out. As you can see, Caroline and Andrew were deeply disappointed to miss the soccer … Continue reading

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