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Right Now

The blog content here could be a bit of a departure for a bit. While we are going through this life is still marching on in our house. I’ll have smiles and laughs to share in the coming days but … Continue reading

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730 Days of Love

2 years ago today…Caroline Grace was born! She’s had us all wrapped around her little finger ever since. “When is she going to DO something?” Hanging with her brothers from the get go Caroline, Cara Grace, Sweetie, Gracie Pants, Sweets … Continue reading

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Mean Girl

When I first found out I was having a girl I was quite nervous. Actually, truth be told, I’m still nervous. With girls come a lot of issues but the main one I was worried about was “mean girls.” I … Continue reading

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Sugar and Spice

Nothing says little girl like…wearing a fire helmet & making shooting sounds while pointing a toy gun at your mom Something tells me she’s watching her brothers very closely

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Homemade King Cake

We love King Cake around here. Every time we have king cake the boys mention to each other, “Mom got king cake at school every week when she was little.” I try to tell them it only occurred during Mardi … Continue reading

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Men, Listen Up

Men, listen up. I’m about to tell you the way to a woman’s heart. It’s not about the flowers. It’s not about the chocolate (well, sometimes it is). It’s not about the back rub (hmmm, that’s pretty good too). It’s … Continue reading

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Tap, Tap, Tap

It’s a sad, sad day in our house. It’s a day that I wasn’t ready for. Let me back up. It was nap time for Caroline. Or so I thought. After I placed Caroline in her crib she insisted she … Continue reading

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We rarely eat fast food for dinner but I decided the other night was the exception. The boys had 3 activities we needed to be at, all around dinnertime. We drove through McDonald’s on the way to our 2nd and … Continue reading

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Just Can’t Turn Away

It’s like watching a train wreck. Caroline just can’t find the power to turn away from Star Wars even though she finds “Vader” scary. It must be the force.

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A Message for Al Gore

Dear Mr. Vice President, I know the environment is important to you. I know this is your passion and such an important cause. I know you try and educate people on ways to keep our planet healthy. But now, Mr. … Continue reading

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