Elsa for Halloween…A DIY Costume

*My daughter wore this costume for Halloween 2014 but I am just now getting around to sharing it now – complete blogger fail*

Like practically every other little girl in 2014, my 5 year old wanted to be Elsa for Halloween. I could have bought a costume but we kind of have a tradition that Mom makes your costume. As long as I can get away with it I’m going to stick to that plan.


Since my sewing skills stink I knew making a dress from scratch wasn’t going to happen. I needed to find a dress that already fit Caroline and add to that. I found a completely white dress that had been given to us, discussed the design with Caroline, took a trip with her to the fabric store, and just jumped in to making it.


Caroline picked out this blue sequined overlay (is that what this is called?) so I hand stitched it onto the white dress.


At this point the dress was too short for Caroline so I needed to add some length with the blue satin (aka old bridesmaid standard fabric).  I have no idea why there is a seam in the middle of the dress.



We made a cape which was made of the blue satin and then the blue sequin overlay sewed on top of that.


Add a little face paint for Halloween and we have one happy camper princess.


I also bought this accessories set on etsy for Caroline (I can’t find the store now). She wanted all the pieces and I thought why not. On the end of the gloves I added sequins to make them look even more “princessy.” This set blew the budget but I didn’t really care.


Blonde Elsa braid with brunette hair = little girls dream


What are your little ones going to be this year?

Elvis is in the Building – A Kid Costume

When I gave my kids the unofficial “What do you want to be for Halloween” survey back in September, my 9 year old said, “Elvis.”


So if that’s what he wanted that’s what we were going to figure out.

I thought, great, that should be easy – jeans, white t-shirt, and leather jacket.

“No mom, I want the other Elvis.”

We started looking at pictures and he kept choosing the jumpsuit Elvis.

“You want a jumpsuit for your costume?


“That might be hard to find.”

“You can make it.”

For the record, no I can’t. My sewing skills are terrible but I can make my way through pillow construction. Jumpsuits? No.

So I looked online but there were no 9 year old Elvis costumes. I could find baby Elvis, adult Elvis, and even dog Elvis but no kid Elvis.

So then I went on the hunt for jumpsuits at consignment stores and at my 6th store BINGO – A WHITE JUMPSUIT!

The jumpsuit was all white with red material flared at the bottom and came with a red scarf. You have no idea how excited I was – I gave them my $6 and practically ran out the store to go show my son.

A month passed.

And what to little boys do in a month’s time? They grow. The jumpsuit that I thought was perfect for Elvis was looking a little tight and more ABBA like. Stink. What was I going to do?

And then I remembered that my neighbor sews. My beautiful, wonderful, sewing neighbor.

A day before Andrew’s Halloween piano recital (where the kids dress up in costume) I knocked on my neighbor’s door and said, “Please please help me.”

My neighbor came over, snipped the whole jumpsuit in half, sewed the red scarf around the middle and gave our little Elvis enough dancing room.

My neighbor accomplished all of that in under 5 minutes. I sat there amazed but oh so thankful.

My son was adamant that the costume needed a larger collar so I took hard felt and covered it in white fabric. I then made a gold edge for the collar using some leftover Wonder Woman fabric. The belt buckle was made the same way. I then used puffy paints (about $6) and created an eagle on both sides of the collar and a design on the belt.

We found a pair of gold sunglasses ($7 at the party store) and painted on some mighty fine side burns if you ask me.

To complete the look, Elvis put on his “blue suede” Converse and was ready to roll.

I now present to you…THE KING!




I was literally sewing the belt buckle on to the costume in between stoplights driving to his piano recital. All in the day of a music legends manager I guess.

Piano Halloween Party 2014 026 Andrew McE.-001

Piano Halloween Party 2014 026 Andrew McE.-002

A white jumpsuit – $6

Gold sunglasses – $7

Neighbor who sews – Priceless!

Can’t wait to see what he picks for his costume this year.


Good Morning!

I’m fairly sure…


that this is…


how the rest of the world…



eats their breakfast.


Nothing says “Good Morning,” like a cheetah hat and Mardi Gras mask.

Told you she was a fashion icon in the making.

Halloween 2013

Just popping in today to share costumes from last night.

My 4 year old was a cheetah for most events this Halloween but chose to be Belle for trick or treating.

Camera 360IMG_2993 IMG_2995

My 11 year old didn’t care about his costume so he went as a soccer player by default.


My  8 year old decided he wanted to be something from Harry Potter.  Any guesses?



Yep, he’s Mad Eye Moody.


We took a $7 coat from Goodwill, ripped it up, lightly spray painted it with white (to make it look dusty) and stamped it with a black stamp pad to make it look old.

I bough these face paints and brushes this year and have loved how easy they are to use and how the paint doesn’t smear.


I would love to hear in the comment section what your kids dressed up as this year.


Now on to November!

Growing Up Too Fast

The other day I noticed the house was quiet.

As a parent you dream about these moments but when they occur you just know someone is up to something.

As I walked into my bathroom to investigate, I saw this…


I sneaked back to grab the camera and only managed to catch her fleeing.


“What were you doing?”

“I was trying on your nipples.”

I’m trying to decide whether the next 14 years will go slowly or very quickly with this girl.

Personal Stylist to Preschoolers

There are children in preschool who dress one hundred times cooler than me.

Cute little capri pants, newest JCrew sweater, and the shiniest little flats.

At times, I want to steal their wardrobe. However, I think the 3T cardigan might look a little off on me.

The thing is though, I’m not sure preschoolers should look like a littler version of their moms. How easy is it to climb the jungle gym in patent leather flats? Do you really need that jean jacket when playing in the sand?

I think there must be some tough mornings for preschoolers and their mothers.

And in this house, it’s just not worth the battle.

Caroline chooses her own outfits and I’m okay with that.





Most of the time.

This little diddy was by far her most inventive.


Yep, she’s rockin’ stripes, leopard, and polka dots.

She even insisted on doing her own hair.



As we were walking into preschool on this particular day a parent said, “Ahh, looks like she won the battle today.”

Actually there really is no battle.


What’s happening is individuality and confidence.

And smooth mornings.

What’s Your Scent?

I need a scent.

Usually I emit chocolate and dry erase marker but I’m starting to feel that I need something more substantial.

I often pass women who I think smell good but I am not one to stop them and ask what perfume they are wearing.

And then I pass women who have poured the bottle on them and think maybe I could do without.

The problem is that the few times that I have looked for a scent I always walk away discouraged. I don’t like flowery, I don’t like strong, I don’t spicy, and I don’t like woodsy.

I like light, fresh, vanilla, and citrus.

Maybe I should just skip the perfume and rub a vanilla cupcake with citrus frosting on my  body and call it a day.

But then I came across this Ladies Home Journal online quiz, “What’s Your Signature Scent?” and thought maybe this could help me.

The quiz is a simple 10 question quiz that delves into your favorite type of movie, what you find romantic, and what you like to eat.


Maybe not too scientific but at this point I am ready to try anything.

I answered all 10 questions and found out I am considered a natural woman.


I didn’t think the description was dead on and plus, I shave my arm pits, something that I believe excludes me from the natural woman category all together.

So I changed up my  answers to a few of the questions.


Again, not quite the way I would describe myself but I decided to explore the perfumes they had recommended for me.

I started with Escada Island Kiss….


Beautiful  bottle, let’s read the description…


Hmm, I was with them until they  got to “a hint of musk.”

What is musk?


What the F ?

Just because I checked that I like to eat meatball sandwiches and wear lip balm suddenly means I want to smell like a deer?

I don’t even want to smell like “just a hint of musk.”

I went on to read the descriptions of the other perfumes and think I have found the one I am most interested in.

The  L de Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum Spray is currently sitting in my amazon shopping cart but first I’m going to through it out to you my friends.

de lolliot

Anyone have a favorite perfume they would like to recommend?

(Go take the quiz to find out what your scent is?)

Spring Clothes…Not So Fast

I just spent the last hour looking online for some new capri pants and shorts.

I think I want to shoot myself.

Or maybe it’s everyone who writes on the clothing reviews that I want to hurt…

“I ordered a size 2 but it was so baggy I just had to send it back”


“I’m 5’10” 120 lbs and wear a size 4″


…”I thought this would be great to wear but it makes me look huge, even the XS was big.”

And don’t even get me started if I read about one more damn pair of skinny jeans.


Think I’m going to start looking at dresses and skirts now.



The “P” Word

I can say vagina. No problem.

I can say penis without batting an eye.

Anytime, anywhere I’m completely fine saying, “Don’t throw the ball at his penis,” or “Yes girls have vaginas and boys have penises.”

But “panties?”


No can do.

The word repulses me and makes me quiver.

It’s underwear people!

Let’s use the term.

With my boys this word never even came up. Obviously.

Though even “vagina” came up with them when explaining body differences.

But panties?


Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

I hate when someone says the word.

I don’t think I’ll get over it.

The other day when I took Caroline in for her 4 year old check up we were having a good time laughing and playing while waiting for the doctor.

In walks the doctor. A cute hip looking woman who I like a lot.

What’s the first thing she says to Caroline?

“Are you wearing princess panties?”

Eew. Eew. Double eew.

I mean, seriously, you’re a medical professional, let’s use the proper terms lady.

Panties my ass!

Cheetah Print

I’ve started making a Halloween costume already.

I know, I know.

But you see, there’s this adorable little 3 year old who has been sick for days who was asking for a cheetah costume.

She’s already determined to be a cheetah for Halloween.

Now you would think being a typical kid she would drop this idea in a week and be onto the next costume. But not this girl. A year ago we had a Mary Poppins birthday party for her. Roughly three days later she decided she was going to have a Wonder Woman party for her next party. And low and behold, here I am making super hero cuffs for her party eleven months later.

After watching her with a runny nose and a terrible cough I decided to get this girl her cheetah costume.

The starting point for the costume was a black tutu my brother gave Caroline last year. It’s adorable and she loves it.

For the next part of the costume I headed to the mall.

Why not the fabric store you ask?

I just can’t stand in line with that big bolt of cheetah fabric. I think I would have to start talking needlessly to everyone in the line explaining why I would be paying money for gobs of  fabric which screams street walker to me.

Surprisingly, once you start looking, there is a lot of cheetah clothing out there.

Just walk into Forever 21 and scan for cheetah. You will be amazed at the ensembles you could put together.

Slinky cheetah dress with rhinestones – check!

Cheetah print camisole – check!

Pleather cheetah pants – check!

Actually as I was on my hunt for cheetah I honestly did consider buying the camisole in size 3X and using the fabric to make a cheetah shirt for Caroline. Again, I’m sure I would have found myself explaining the purchase to the saleslady.

Ultimately, I found cheetah leggins in Dillard’s for $12 and was happy with that.

Then I walked into Janie and Jack.

My eyes saw this skirt.2cymnopHer size..only $17.

Nope. She already has her tutu. Don’t need it.

This cheetah dress….100016197Don’t need it but it would be perfect if she wanted to be Jane of the Jungle the following Halloween.

I passed by hair bows, coats, socks, and purses – all cheetah print.

And then I saw it…100016255Yep, for $7 these cheetah ear muffs were mine. And Caroline’s. I knew she would love them. They’re just crazy but make perfect cheetah ears.

And I was right. She loved them.

So for the past two days she has worn her cheetah leggings, cheetah tutu, and cheetah ear muffs going growl, cough, growl, cough.

No shirt but really, who needs a shirt to distract from all that cheetah goodness.

So there you have it. Halloween costume#1 is partially done.

We still need to add a black shirt and claws but I’m hoping to wait her out until at least June.