What’s Your Scent?

I need a scent.

Usually I emit chocolate and dry erase marker but I’m starting to feel that I need something more substantial.

I often pass women who I think smell good but I am not one to stop them and ask what perfume they are wearing.

And then I pass women who have poured the bottle on them and think maybe I could do without.

The problem is that the few times that I have looked for a scent I always walk away discouraged. I don’t like flowery, I don’t like strong, I don’t spicy, and I don’t like woodsy.

I like light, fresh, vanilla, and citrus.

Maybe I should just skip the perfume and rub a vanilla cupcake with citrus frosting on my  body and call it a day.

But then I came across this Ladies Home Journal online quiz, “What’s Your Signature Scent?” and thought maybe this could help me.

The quiz is a simple 10 question quiz that delves into your favorite type of movie, what you find romantic, and what you like to eat.


Maybe not too scientific but at this point I am ready to try anything.

I answered all 10 questions and found out I am considered a natural woman.


I didn’t think the description was dead on and plus, I shave my arm pits, something that I believe excludes me from the natural woman category all together.

So I changed up my  answers to a few of the questions.


Again, not quite the way I would describe myself but I decided to explore the perfumes they had recommended for me.

I started with Escada Island Kiss….


Beautiful  bottle, let’s read the description…


Hmm, I was with them until they  got to “a hint of musk.”

What is musk?


What the F ?

Just because I checked that I like to eat meatball sandwiches and wear lip balm suddenly means I want to smell like a deer?

I don’t even want to smell like “just a hint of musk.”

I went on to read the descriptions of the other perfumes and think I have found the one I am most interested in.

The  L de Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum Spray is currently sitting in my amazon shopping cart but first I’m going to through it out to you my friends.

de lolliot

Anyone have a favorite perfume they would like to recommend?

(Go take the quiz to find out what your scent is?)

7 thoughts on “What’s Your Scent?

  1. I guess you could say my “signature scent” is a 15 year-old bottle of Classic by Banana Republic. Typically when I put perfume on it makes me sneeze and my sinuses get stuffy, so I only use it occasionally. Hence the bottle that I bought 15 years ago is still half full. But it’s kind of a fresh, sporty fragrance so you may want to check it out…. if they still make it!

  2. You’re gonna love me. No, really. Sud Pacifique eau de voyage Vanille Abricot. Yes, it’s a b, not a p. It’s amazing. I can’t even remember where I first smelled it, but I’ve been using it for about three years now. People will want to lick you. :o)

  3. I’m still always on the look out. I like you do not like the musk in anything and the hint of baby powder aftersmell is awful in some. I love light and almost citrus, very clean smells. I have used Gucci Envy, Lolita Wish and my fave so far is Caudalie Fleur de Vigne (Sephora). It doesn’t last very long on me, but it’s a great scent. Just saw it has cedar tone? I have never noticed that.

  4. Since I teach school and do not want a scent that encourages my students to lick me, I use CK 1 by Calvin Klein in cologne form. Very light citrus.

  5. Actually just took the quiz and came out “sporty tomboy” and believe it or not, citrus light, was described as the scent for me just like I wear.

  6. I’m not at all a perfume person BUT I think you might like D&G Light Blue (because i like it a lot, and again, I’m not a perfume person.) Let me know if you do and I’ll tell you the backstory of its creation, which I heard at the fragrance place that developed it (along with many others on the market).

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