Mini Jeff Corwin

Our 8 year old has loved animals since before he could talk.

He loves animal books, animal figures, the zoo, the aquarium, and animal shows.

His favorite to watch is Jeff Corwin on Netflix.

He combines humor and information and Andrew just can’t get enough of him.

So for his birthday present from us, Andrew got to meet Jeff Corwin at the Fort Worth Science Museum a few weeks before his birthday.


Andrew screamed with excitement when he found out.

My husband drove Andrew to the event and they made a night of it, finishing up at Dairy Queen.


Another gift from us was Jeff Corwin’s new book, 100 Heartbeats, which Andrew was able to have him sign.



I was so excited to give this experience to Andrew and couldn’t wait to find out how it had gone.

When I asked how the talk was, Andrew made sure to point out to me that Jeff Corwin’s  parents let him have snakes and other reptiles when he was growing up.

I told him I would make our dog a lizard costume and he could try and feed her lettuce.

He wasn’t impressed.

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