Personal Stylist to Preschoolers

There are children in preschool who dress one hundred times cooler than me.

Cute little capri pants, newest JCrew sweater, and the shiniest little flats.

At times, I want to steal their wardrobe. However, I think the 3T cardigan might look a little off on me.

The thing is though, I’m not sure preschoolers should look like a littler version of their moms. How easy is it to climb the jungle gym in patent leather flats? Do you really need that jean jacket when playing in the sand?

I think there must be some tough mornings for preschoolers and their mothers.

And in this house, it’s just not worth the battle.

Caroline chooses her own outfits and I’m okay with that.





Most of the time.

This little diddy was by far her most inventive.


Yep, she’s rockin’ stripes, leopard, and polka dots.

She even insisted on doing her own hair.



As we were walking into preschool on this particular day a parent said, “Ahh, looks like she won the battle today.”

Actually there really is no battle.


What’s happening is individuality and confidence.

And smooth mornings.

3 thoughts on “Personal Stylist to Preschoolers

  1. I love this. As much as I think kids dressed to the nines look adorable, kids need to be kids!!! Unless Its for a specIal occasIIn, parents way over do the fashion thing for their little ones.

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