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Elvis is in the Building – A Kid Costume

When I gave my kids the unofficial “What do you want to be for Halloween” survey back in September, my 9 year old said, “Elvis.” Naturally. So if that’s what he wanted that’s what we were going to figure out. … Continue reading

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A Birthday Crown for Years

I recently made my niece a felt birthday crown. Happy Birthday Addy! As you can see below, she loved it. Without a doubt, loved it. Alright, so maybe not a fan of the birthday crowns yet but I know around … Continue reading

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Growing Up Too Fast

The other day I noticed the house was quiet. As a parent you dream about these moments but when they occur you just know someone is up to something. As I walked into my bathroom to investigate, I saw this… … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things – Day 2

Welcome to Day #2 of Big D & Me’s Favorite Things. What’s today item? Well, it’s something to help beautify us…. Butter Nail Polish! I spotted this nail polish as I was walking through Dillard’s one day and was drawn … Continue reading

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Super Hero / Bad Guys Scavenger Hunt

At Caroline’s super hero training birthday party, the kids were required to complete 4 missions. Each mission had one or two components. For example, there was an “Accuracy Mission,” since all super heroes need to have good accuracy when fighting … Continue reading

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A Wonder Woman Birthday Cake

Well, Caroline’s birthday party is over and I think it was a rousing success. I’ll trickle the pictures throughout the week and maybe into the next (oh joy!) because: 1) I want to be able to share all the fun … Continue reading

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Cheetah Print

I’ve started making a Halloween costume already. I know, I know. But you see, there’s this adorable little 3 year old who has been sick for days who was asking for a cheetah costume. She’s already determined to be a … Continue reading

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Norway Fun

Guess who enjoyed the Norway pavilion… Perhaps a trip to Oslo is in their future. Of course, the lack of viking ships and people fighting dragons might throw them off a bit.    

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Mr. T Preschool

I was driving Caroline to school the other day when she said, “Faith and Ava were touching my nap mat during quiet time.” I said, “What did you do about that?” Caroline said, “I told the teacher.” “And what did … Continue reading

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October Gaols Reviewed

In addition to a busy and eventful October, I started a new part time job. Therefore, all of my October goals were not completed. Add 1 item to etsy shop – Fail! Touch Up Paint Downstairs – Check!  Walked around … Continue reading

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