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Simple Christmas Card Display

Last year I hung our Christmas cards in the entry way. They were placed on large pieces of ribbon and attached with clothespins. Well, I’ve radically changed things up this year and hung them in the family room on ribbons … Continue reading

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Baby Jesus

Caroline’s teacher told me she had the following conversation with Caroline last week. Teacher: “OK class,we have all the parts to make Baby Jesus in front of us.” Caroline- “That’s not Baby Jesus.” Teacher – “Well who is it then?” … Continue reading

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Remember Newtown

Really there are no words. Just shock, horror, fear, anger, sadness. Someone lost their oldest child. Someone lost their youngest child. Someone lost their only child. 20 little kids just starting out. 6 educators trying to save those kids. Go … Continue reading

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Mr. T Preschool

I was driving Caroline to school the other day when she said, “Faith and Ava were touching my nap mat during quiet time.” I said, “What did you do about that?” Caroline said, “I told the teacher.” “And what did … Continue reading

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December Goals

Anything you’d like to accomplish this month?

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I think this will be the last year my oldest will believe. In fact, he may not even get to the 25th but I’m crossing my fingers. Now, we haven’t completely sheltered our kids – they’ve known sadness, been aware … Continue reading

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A Christmas Tradition of Santa Giving Books

***I am reposting this from 2 years ago since it is my most popular post ever – plus the time is perfect***just to clarify a few things which I have been asked – the post office gives anyone those airmail … Continue reading

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Just Noticing…

Have you ever noticed that when a man catches a 24 hour virus it lasts for 95 hours? Just sayin’

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November Goals Revisited

I have a confession to make. I am revisiting these goals for the first time since I posted them at the beginning on November. Yep, that’s right. I didn’t even look at my goal sheet this month. We visited the … Continue reading

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Holiday Eating

I just ate 2 pounds of toffee in the last day and a half, proving that buying desserts at Costco should be outlawed. Fortunately, those calories have been completely negated as I drank skim milk with said toffee thus insuring … Continue reading

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