Remember Newtown

Really there are no words.

Just shock, horror, fear, anger, sadness.

Someone lost their oldest child.

Someone lost their youngest child.

Someone lost their only child.

20 little kids just starting out.

6 educators trying to save those kids.

Go hug your kids and tell them that you will love them forever and ever.

Go thank an educator who watches over your children everyday.

And don’t forget.


Remember Charlotte.

Remember Daniel.

Remember Rachel.

Remember Olivia.

Remember Josephine.

Remember Dylan.

Remember Dawn

Remember Madeleine.

Remember Catherine.

Remember Chase.

Remember Nancy.

Remember Jesse.

Remember Ana.

Remember James.

Remember Grace.

Remember Anne Marie.

Remember Emilie.

Remember Jack.

Remember Noah.

Remember Caroline.

Remember Jessica.

Remember Avielle.

Remember Lauren.

Remember Mary.

Remember Victoria.

Remember Benjamin.

Remember Allison.

Remember this tragedy when people say we don’t need gun reform.

Remember this tragedy when officials talk about cutting funds for the mentally ill.


4 thoughts on “Remember Newtown

  1. We all need to memorize those names and when politicians who lobby for the NRA try to tell us that guns don’t kill people, people do….step up up and start saying their names. Mothers against drunk driving started small and influenced legislation, we can became voices for change. No citizen needs assault weapons….the Founding Fathers never anticipated weapons like these…

  2. We need to deal with the guns issue and the mental health issues…it’s just out of control in this country

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