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Election 2016

Haven’t been on here in a long time but feel compelled to write today. I am disgusted and ashamed of our country right now. Our country has elected someone whose message is hate. We have now gone back so many … Continue reading

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Halloween Gourd Fun

*We made these last fall but I never shared them so I thought now would be the perfect time* Our church has a pumpkin patch each fall and we usually buy a few pumpkins. This year the pumpkins were outrageously … Continue reading

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My “Mom Cap”

Sometimes I find it’s hard to take off the “Mom” cap. When I find myself telling my husband that I’m going potty? Mom cap. Or what about when we are leaving the house and I ask my husband, “Aren’t you … Continue reading

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A Simple & Easy Rug

Due to a rather unfortunate stomach bug that hit our family last year I needed to invest in a new bathroom rug. I did not want to spend a lot of money because inevitably there will be another bug that … Continue reading

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Sweet girl waiting for a friend to arrive for a play date. She ended up waiting there for about an hour. Having a snack and generally asking me every five minutes if it was time yet. This is why you … Continue reading

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The Rabbits – Part 3

You thought it was ugly when our dog killed the baby bunny? Well a few days later… She killed the momma bunny. Or the daddy bunny. Or the auntie bunny. Whomever it was, it was huge. I’m calling it a … Continue reading

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We’re busy around here working on something that I am now regretting saying yes to…   Will share next week, if this doesn’t kill us.

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Loving These Songs Right Now

Loving these two song right now Emeli Sande – Next to Me   Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks   Are you listening to anything fun right now?

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Mini Jeff Corwin

Our 8 year old has loved animals since before he could talk. He loves animal books, animal figures, the zoo, the aquarium, and animal shows. His favorite to watch is Jeff Corwin on Netflix. He combines humor and information and … Continue reading

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6th Grade

Look what we spent last night doing… I can’t believe we’re at the point of picking out classes… Middle school in six months!

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