Theme Park Appropriate?

There are certain do’s and don’t when it comes to theme parks for me.

I think this stems from the fact that we get there the moment the doors open and then walk around for the next 12 hours enjoying the attractions.

So for me, naturally tennis shoes and shorts are the number one “do” when them parking it up.

I thought this was a “do” for everyone but during our recent trip to Disney I discovered it is not.

For example, these shoes, while cute, seem to lack a little cushion for my legs…


I can’t really imagine where this look would be a “do.”


Again, I couldn’t walk for 12 hours in these…


Maybe if we had been at the pool or fought gladiators while we were visiting…


And finally the piece de resistance of inappropriate theme park wear…


O yes we did take that picture.

December Goals Revisited

Completely over due but here it goes…

Add 1 Item to Etsy ShopFail! But I have added one this month. Here are the new nursery and bedroom customizable prints I am now selling:





James_printFinish Christmas ShoppingCheck!

Stretch EverydayFail! Pathetic I know. Seems like such a simple goal. I would say I stretched about 20 days out of the month (and plenty of those were half hearted stretches in the shower).

Surprise My Kids Check! They opened Disney shirts on Christmas morning and then we announced that we were taking them in a week. Best surprise ever!

Buy New Mattress for Guest RoomCheck!

Hang Frames in Guest RoomFail!

Get thru Running the 5th Grade Holiday PartyCheck!

Volunteer at SomethingCheck! My husband, sons, dad, sister, and I volunteered on December 24th with Meals on Wheels and delivered meals through Wee Volunteers. It was quite an eye opening experience and one that my boys really enjoyed.

Have Fun During the HolidaysCheck!

I’m still deciding how my goals will look for 2013 but rest assured I’ll let you know as soon as I finalize that.

Blog Update

While I would like to post everyday, I just cannot keep up the pace with our busy lives.

For example, this weekend we are hosting our Halloween party and I need to focus on cooking, cleaning, and gathering games.

I am not shutting down Big D & Me, just posting when I can.

I won’t post everyday, probably at least once a week.

Thanks for reading Big D & Me and please come and visit soon!

Carrot Juice

Andrew goes to swim practice twice a week.

Driving home with him is always entertaining because it usually involves detailed descriptions of an animal video game he’s played at a friends house.

If we’re not talking about video game animals than we are talking about animals in general.

Tonight, we talked about flamingos.

While he was describing the enclosure he set up for the flamingos in the video game, I asked, “Why are flamingos pink?”

Andrew said, “It’s because of the carrot juice in the shrimp they eat.”

“You mean the carotene in the shrimp?”

“Yes, that’s what I said. The carrot juice that’s in the shrimp.”

A New Niece or Nephew Update!

Well, after 24 hours hours of labor my sister had…

a little girl!

Little Adeline was born on 10 – 11 – 12!

Thankfully mom and baby are doing well, just a tad exhausted.

Hopefully, they will be home within the next day or two and those pictures will start coming.

Congratulations Amanda and Ben!

(And yes, several people have pointed out that my Baby Gender Prediction Test is now 2 for 2!)

Signs I’m Becoming a Grumpy Old Man

Lately, I think I am noticing the signs of being a grumpy old man.

You know, passing a group of teenagers on the street and then calling them hooligans to my husband later. Or maybe it’s the fact that it can be 6:30 in the morning and I’ve already finished breakfast and read the paper. Or how about the fact that I think dinner at 6:00 pm is practically midnight.

But here’s my most recent sign-

Am I the only one bothered by nurses dressed in scrubs walking through the food court?

This can’t be sanitary on so many levels.

Do they change into different scrubs once they get back to work?

Or did they change into new scrubs when they were leaving the hospital to eat, removing all of the sick patient germs?

If you follow this logic they must be changing at a minimum of three times a day.

I know hand washing is the most important thing but the fact that I’ve seen them in the bathroom gives me a full body shiver.

This can’t be clean.

I’m thinking of writing a letter to the editor to share my disgust and have this changed.

Oh great, now I’m writing letters to the editor.

It’s another sign.

First Day of Preschool This Year

Caroline is starting her first day of school this year and for that, we are both excited.

She’s watched the boys go off to school for a week now and it’s been a little rough for her.

A few days ago we went to her, “Meet the Teacher,” morning so she could visit her classroom and get a feel of how being in the 3 year old class would be.

As we were getting ready to leave our house that morning we had the following conversation.

“Caroline, today you get to visit your new classroom.”

“Mommy, I love you. I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I love you too. But today I am going to stay with you because it’s a very short day.”

She looks at me and starts crying.

“Caroline, it’s okay, I’m going to be with you at school today.”

“I want you to LEAVVVVVVVVVE! I want you to go. LEAVE ME AT SCHOOL!”

Apparently those last 3 months of swimming, Candy Land playing, book reading, and tv watching have really taken a toll on her.

So after reviewing our conversation, I feel confident that drop off will go quite smoothly today and both of us will have smiles on our faces.

Finding the Funny

An Uncomfortable Fit

Here’s the thing about advertising,

You know companies are at least exaggerating the truth to try and get you to buy their product.

Being the reasonable consumer that I am, I understand that.

But then there are just the outright lies which frustrate me.

Want to regrow hair on your head?…Use this product.

Want to look 10 years younger?…Use this product.

And the worst of all …¬† A one size fits all thong.

I wanted to believe them.

I’m normal size. I’m no super model and I do own up to some junk in my trunk but people I thought I could fit into the “One size fits all” category.

But after going home and wearing said thong, I am hear to tell you THEY WERE LYING!

Those dam underwear rode right up INTO my a**.

And I am not a v*rgin thong user so I do know what I’m talking about.

One size fits all?

I don’t think so.

And how could this even be possible for underwear?

You know what and who I’m talking about.

But I’ll be honest, I thought I fell into the one size fits all category.

Apparently not.

I fall into the, “I can’t walk correctly because I am squeezing my buttocks so tight to prevent these damn underwear from permanently wedges themselves in there, and no we can’t make a quick stop for groceries because if I spend 3 more minutes in this underwear I will have to go to the hospital with rope burns and then we’ll never get the kids to bed,” category.