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Last Minute

So here’s what it looks like here… think we’re going to make it for a 10 AM party tomorrow?

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The Black Keys at the Grammy Awards

Loved this performance at the Grammy Awards the other night. It featured the Black Keys with Dr John and the Preservation Hall Jazz band. Sadly, I can only find this poor quality video of the performance but I think it’s … Continue reading

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Theme Park Appropriate?

There are certain do’s and don’t when it comes to theme parks for me. I think this stems from the fact that we get there the moment the doors open and then walk around for the next 12 hours enjoying … Continue reading

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December Goals Revisited

Completely over due but here it goes… Add 1 Item to Etsy Shop – Fail! But I have added one this month.┬áHere are the new nursery and bedroom customizable prints I am now selling: Finish Christmas Shopping – Check! Stretch … Continue reading

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Blog Update

While I would like to post everyday, I just cannot keep up the pace with our busy lives. For example, this weekend we are hosting our Halloween party and I need to focus on cooking, cleaning, and gathering games. I … Continue reading

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Carrot Juice

Andrew goes to swim practice twice a week. Driving home with him is always entertaining because it usually involves detailed descriptions of an animal video game he’s played at a friends house. If we’re not talking about video game animals … Continue reading

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A New Niece or Nephew Update!

Well, after 24 hours hours of labor my sister had… a little girl! Little Adeline was born on 10 – 11 – 12! Thankfully mom and baby are doing well, just a tad exhausted. Hopefully, they will be home within … Continue reading

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Signs I’m Becoming a Grumpy Old Man

Lately, I think I am noticing the signs of being a grumpy old man. You know, passing a group of teenagers on the street and then calling them hooligans to my husband later. Or maybe it’s the fact that it … Continue reading

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First Day of Preschool This Year

Caroline is starting her first day of school this year and for that, we are both excited. She’s watched the boys go off to school for a week now and it’s been a little rough for her. A few days … Continue reading

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An Uncomfortable Fit

Here’s the thing about advertising, You know companies are at least exaggerating the truth to try and get you to buy their product. Being the reasonable consumer that I am, I understand that. But then there are just the outright … Continue reading

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