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Water Slide Persepctive

The other day I took my kids to a local swim center. This facility is awesome since it has an outside section with a lazy river, two areas which have small water slides, water guns, buckets, a pool, and an … Continue reading

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What Happened to Your…?

You know the rule about never asking a woman if she’s pregnant? Even if she’s so round in the belly she looks as if she’s having triplets? You. Just. Don’t. Say. Anything. Well, I was asked something along those lines … Continue reading

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Jar of Teenage Love

I think everything a teenager says should be bottled up and then given back to them in 30 years. Just open up that jar of love and say, “Enjoy!” Am I talking about my own kids? Nope. Not yet. I’ve … Continue reading

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This morning at swim practice my coach said to my teammates and I,  “I don’t see a lot of discipline in this pool right now. People are having lazy turns, some lazy stroke work, and it’s not that pretty.” Now … Continue reading

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Man o man. This thing called life just knocks the wind out of you sometimes. The first thing out of my middle schoolers mouth when I picked him up from school yesterday was, “Kids told me Mrs. Matheus’ son died. … Continue reading

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Just in case

Just in case you were thinking about going to swim for an hour shortly after eating an apple and 2 homemade pumpkin poptarts… Don’t. That is unless you like swimming with the feeling that there is an alien about to … Continue reading

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6 Kids at the Pool

So the other day I took 6 kids to the pool by myself. I know, breath a moment, and take that in. Now this wasn’t any ordinary pool either. It was a 50 meter pool, with a separate shallow end, … Continue reading

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Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th from our family to yours!

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Swimming Girl

In May, when the water was cold, & I didn’t really want to get in the pool, I swam on 15 different days. Why? Let me show you why. “Mommy, can we go to the pool?” Gets me almost every … Continue reading

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The Dallas Color Run 2013

My friend Melissa, my 10 year old, and I ran the Color Run this past Saturday in Dallas. It was tons of fun and would have been even more fun if I had properly trained for the 5K. I know … Continue reading

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