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For the last 2 weeks I have  included a Valentine joke in the lunchboxes. One day I placed the following joke in my  first grader’s lunchbox: What did the bat say to his girlfriend? You’re fun to hang around with! … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

My husband and I were watching a taped Katie Couric show the other day. In the beginning he fained interest but was disappointed when I turned it off. The show was about plastic surgery mishaps. The stories, pictures, and agony … Continue reading

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Valentine Coupon Book

 Just finished creating Valentine Coupon Books for the 5th grade party next week. My fifth grader has informed me he is going to make his coupons good for one playing of XBOX. That gift more than makes up for everything … Continue reading

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Valentine Round Up

Here’s a quick sampling of FREE PRINTABLE Valentines I found: Zebra Valentines from Bunny Cakes Angry Birds Valentines from Big D & Me! Star Wars Valentines by MeckMom Pop Rock Valentines from Onesie Twosie Playdough Valentines from g*rated Color Me … Continue reading

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I was cleaning off my desk today when I uncovered my sons’ bags they decorated at their Valentine’s party. Appears to me that they already have conflicting views on love. the 7 year old the 10 year old Looks like … Continue reading

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Storybook Valentines

While the Angry Bird Valentines I made for my boys are great, they weren’t really appropriate for my 2 year old. So…I made Storybook Valentines. All of her favorites characters are here. We taped a silly band bracelet to the … Continue reading

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Angry Birds Valentines

My six year old requested Angry Birds valentines this year. I just made them and he is “super” excited to give them to his friends. If you’d like a copy of the valentines, click here. Please consider becoming a follower … Continue reading

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Valentine Love

I  love my kids and husband more than I can express to you. They are the ones who make me get up in the morning (horizontal children in your bed tend to do that) and the ones who put smiles … Continue reading

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Moustaches for the Masses

When looking around blog world I noticed many handmade Valentine’s. I especially liked the idea I found on Cupcakes Kisses n ‘Crumbs and thought my boys would too. Steps we took to make Valentine Moustaches: 1) Alex found a mustache … Continue reading

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