Valentine Love

IĀ  love my kids and husband more than I can express to you. They are the ones who make me get up in the morning (horizontal children in your bed tend to do that) and the ones who put smiles on my face. I have the deepest love for our children and the man who is my partner.carolineI love that you go to bed with dolls but insist on playing Legos too.

Derek and Caroline in the snowI love what an amazing dad you are to our children.

I love that you two always want to be together and do the same silly things.

caroline - schoolI love how independent and self assured you are.

I love how all three of you can play in the same room with the same activity.

andrew sewingI love that you enjoy crafty things and singing in the shower for all to hear.

alex footballI love that you are passionate about sports and can recall every statistic you’ve read in the newspaper for the last 3 years.

I love that you are always talking on the phone, going through my purse, or playing on the computer – all while smiling.

I love that you are willing to do things for our children that are out of your comfort zone – just because you want to make them smile.

I love that you are always finding ways to have fun together.

I love that you are passionate about animals and your life’s dream is to work at the zoo (at the cash register).

I love what an amazing big brother you are. You are always willing to watch, follow, or play with your brother or sister.

I love how much you love our children and me.

I love that you make us all laugh everyday.

I love that you love each other.

I love that you are my equal for taking care of our children. You are always cleaning, cooking, going to practices, and taking care of us.

I love that you were so proud of yourself for accomplishing this.

I love that you are willing to try new things with your brother just because it interests him.

I love that I get to spend everyday with my family.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

8 thoughts on “Valentine Love

  1. Awwwwwww…. super sweet post, Jen. And I love you AND your family, extended members included. <3 BTW, Alex always wants to hang out with Andrew? Can you bottle some of that and send it up here please? Sure would make my life easier. šŸ™‚ Happy Valentine's Day!

    • They truly almost always hang out together – it’s deciding what to do that gets them in trouble – one always thinks they have the best activity in mind while the other is sure that their idea is best.

  2. So cute and sweet! And love, love each of those pictures bc I can see everybody’s personality in them. Wish I was there more! Love you guys!

  3. Fabulous post! Your father just had flowers delivered to school for me…of course when we swore we needed to economize… it of

  4. What a nice post! Love each and every one of you – Happy Valentine’s Day.

    PS – I can see the red rim around Alex’ mouth in the pic with the goggles on – just like his aunt šŸ™‚

  5. Jennifer, this is beautiful! And so touching. You really did a great job of picking out specific things about each of the kids and Derek that make them special to you—and to others. Great pictures. too! Love to all of you, Betty

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