Florence & Santa Barbara

Several weeks ago I flew out to California to attend the Florence and the Machines concert with my sister Kelly.

If you remember I had a slight concern about what people wear to concerts these days.

Here’s how we ended up looking…

Why, you ask, do I look like a 13 year old boy?

Because I assumed the weather channels prediction of 45 degree nights was wrong.

That’s why.

Turns out they were right.

My sleeveless sequined shirt was not going to cut it so we went to the Gap where I bought the stripped sweatshirt and then over to Nordstrom’s where I picked up these babies..

See, I knew comfy shoes would make an appearance.

I think things worked out in the end though because let’s just say my sequins would have been a little out of place.

The concert turned out to be amazing. It was held at the Santa Barbara Bowl, an outdoor amphitheater, which is nestled in the hills.

The opening act was Blood Orange – a one man synthesizing show. He was really good and has a very unique sound. I’ve been listening to him since the concert on You Tube.

And then Florence came on!

She was amazing – she sang and danced all around – a bit quirky, but lots of fun.

Seriously love every single one of her songs.

After a night of concert going what are two girls to do?

Why, go get facials at the Four Seasons, of course!

Uh huh. That’s how my sister rolls.

The Four freakin’ Seasons in Santa Barbara where Oprah lives!

And how do two girls who arrive at their appointment early and are told they do not have pool access spend the time?

At the pool of course!

This was the life I tell you.

I need to talk to my husband about getting us a second home out here:)

Thanks for a great trip Kelly!     

We’ll have to do it again.

Next  time I’ll treat you.     

How many stars do you think the LaQuinta gets?

Have a wonderful weekend!

In Case You Were Wondering…

Last night I went out to dinner with a friend.

I realized 4 minutes from the restaurant that I had forgotten to put on deodorant.

It was 85 degrees and I knew we were going to eat outside.

Plus, I was wearing a sleeveless shirt.

This was potentially a ripe situation.

I hunted around the car.

All I found was a pack of Altoids.

Apparently licking Altoids and rubbing them in your pits works quite well as a deodorant replacement.

In case you were wondering.

All Made Up

In one of the most ironic occurrences of my life…I won a make up party.

What? Jennifer won a make up party? The girl who never wears make up?

Me. Shorts loving, pony tail wearing, wash n’go me won a make up party.

It’s as if Mother Teresa won a sex toys party….uh, bad image and not quite right in the analogy department…..

It’s as if Lady Gaga won a white polo shirt….Getting there…..

It’s as if I won a make up party…Yep that’s it.

A few weeks ago I used my Mother’s Day gift card and flippantly put my name in the fishbowl on the salon counter.

Well, I won. They pulled my slip of paper and called to arrange a make up party. During the call I was told by the Eastern European make up artist that we would be treated to 1) having our make up done, 2) drinking wine, and 3) possibly mini massages. At least that’s what I think she said. I was a little unclear due to her strong accent. For all I know I could have just agreed for my friends and I to become the oldest mail order brides ever.

I invited 5 brave friends who graciously showed up. I’m pretty sure the part in the email where I highlighted “free wine” was the catalyst for the five yeses.

Everyone gathered excitedly in the salon foyer waiting to be glamed up. We must have looked like a rough and haggard group because they brought us to wait in the employee break room which had the lighting of a romantic Italian restaurant.

Glasses of red wine were waiting for us as well as our ever so flattering brown robes. We could have been back up singers for Friar Tuck. Maybe we should start an all girls religious rock group – The Monastery Mommas.

The resemblance is striking, isn’t it

So there we were. Drinking wine, eating the cupcakes I had brought, and having hand massages. In groups of two our make up was done by our very enthusiastic make up artists.

Here’s my before shot…

Roughly 14 layers later I was done.

Large amounts of concealer, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, and lipstick were involved in my transformation.

Would you like to see the end product?

I will say I was most impressed by their work

Just take a look.

Apparently, it’s all about the lighting and I’d have to agree.

I must remember to rid my home of those eco friendly light bulbs we’re using.

A good time was had by all at the party and I walked away with a little more make up knowledge.

In fact, I’m thinking of spiffing things up today and adding some chapstick to the mix.

In fact, it’s strawberry chapstick.

A little color on the lips always brightens ones face.

See, I did learn a few things at the party.

Not Your Typical Party

I have been to a few home parties in my time – scrapbook parties, stamp parties, and candle parties to name a few. But never a Pure Romance party.

Where should I find out about this party you ask? Why naturally at Caroline’s preschool!

The school has a circle drive for drop offs and pick ups as well as a larger parking lot. One day as I was walking from the larger parking lot to the school’s entrance, I noticed a truck parked immediately in front of the preschool door.

It was a simple brown truck but the sign on it is what grabbed my attention.

Pure Romance Party: Not Your Typical Party – Call Meme for details

Hmmm. Who is Meme and what’s this party all about?

Well, I met Meme.

Okay, I didn’t actually meet her. I stalked her.

Just as I noticed the sign on the door, a couple got out of the truck.

I slowed my pace down in order to get a good look at them. They both appeared to be around 50 years old and didn’t stand out one way or another. The gentleman was balding while the woman wore sensible shoes.

I followed them into the preschool where they just happened to go down the same hallway I needed to go down. They stopped at the 2 year old classroom, greeted the teacher, and asked for a boy. That’s pretty much all I got. I had to move on or it would have been obvious I am made of stalker material.

I continued on to pick up Caroline but I have so many lingering questions:

1. How do you get into that party business? “Hey Herb, I think we could spice things up. How ’bout I become a romance party planner?”

2. Do all the guests know what you purchase at the party?

3. Are there product demonstrations? Is the hostess required to have a fruit bowl lying around? (okay that one was unnecessary…but kind of implied don’t you think?)

Thoughts? Questions? Ever Been to this Type of Party?

Gloria’s…it’s no Panchos

I love Mexican food.

I could eat salsa for days.

I got together with several friends the other night for a “Ladies Night.”

Every time I say “Ladies Night” I hear Kool & the Gang in my head.

Take a moment and boogie on down

Kool & the gang – ladies night
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I love going out with girl friends to eat, chat, and laugh. Since I don’t work anymore (I know, I know, I work in the home…yadda yadda), I miss adult conversations and time with friends. So the other night a group of us ate at Gloria’s in Frisco. We laughed so much and got caught up with each other lives. The food was great. I had the Carne de Res Asada Salvatex (grilled steak with an enchilada, black beans, and rice).  The salsa was amazing.

But……it’s no Panchos!

I can hear the groans now from everyone but I am standing firm on this one.

I grew up in New Orleans and one of the places my parents took us all the time was Pancho’s.  I practically grew up on their cheese enchiladas, tamales, and tacos. And to top it all off…the sopapillas. At the end of the meal, right before you pay your bill of $15 for a family of 28, you get sopapillas. It’s heaven in a basket. Drizzle a little honey on those puppies and you’re good to go.

You can’t talk Pancho’s without mentioning the pinatas. They were everywhere in the restaurant. Every month our Pancho’s would give away a huge pinata correlating to the month. One year my sister won Novembers’ 4 ft. turkey pinata. For some reason, it hung in our laundry room for well over a year. It gave quite a fright when you walked into the room with the lights off.

And don’t forget about the video game – Pole Position – near the restaurant door. I can still hear the starting beeps of the game. We were like a pack of wolves around my dad – hungry for quarters.

Our family loves it so much I guarantee Pancho’s will be an eating destination once everyone flies in for Christmas.

So remember if you’re ever in the mood for amazing Mexican food and a true Mexican atmosphere, go to Gloria’s but remember…it’s no Pancho’s!