Not Your Typical Party

I have been to a few home parties in my time – scrapbook parties, stamp parties, and candle parties to name a few. But never a Pure Romance party.

Where should I find out about this party you ask? Why naturally at Caroline’s preschool!

The school has a circle drive for drop offs and pick ups as well as a larger parking lot. One day as I was walking from the larger parking lot to the school’s entrance, I noticed a truck parked immediately in front of the preschool door.

It was a simple brown truck but the sign on it is what grabbed my attention.

Pure Romance Party: Not Your Typical Party – Call Meme for details

Hmmm. Who is Meme and what’s this party all about?

Well, I met Meme.

Okay, I didn’t actually meet her. I stalked her.

Just as I noticed the sign on the door, a couple got out of the truck.

I slowed my pace down in order to get a good look at them. They both appeared to be around 50 years old and didn’t stand out one way or another. The gentleman was balding while the woman wore sensible shoes.

I followed them into the preschool where they just happened to go down the same hallway I needed to go down. They stopped at the 2 year old classroom, greeted the teacher, and asked for a boy. That’s pretty much all I got. I had to move on or it would have been obvious I am made of stalker material.

I continued on to pick up Caroline but I have so many lingering questions:

1. How do you get into that party business? “Hey Herb, I think we could spice things up. How ’bout I become a romance party planner?”

2. Do all the guests know what you purchase at the party?

3. Are there product demonstrations? Is the hostess required to have a fruit bowl lying around? (okay that one was unnecessary…but kind of implied don’t you think?)

Thoughts? Questions? Ever Been to this Type of Party?

One thought on “Not Your Typical Party

  1. so when’s your party scheduled? Just Kidding!!! This is too funny! So as I was reading this post, when you said they looked around 50 and the woman wore sensible shoes, I’m picturing old grandparents….. Then I remembered, I’m 50! And I’m not dead yet! 🙂

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