Little Girl Swim Suits – soooo cute!

Last week we looked at summer dresses for us. This week it’s all about little girls and their swimsuits. Take a look at these adorable options. I choose all one pieces because something about little bitty girls in bikinis creeps me out . Of course, some of the bikinis I’ve seen teenagers wear creep me out even more.

Flamingo Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

Bee one-piece

Seashell Swimsuit

Pink Printed Fish Suit
Fish Swimsuit Skirt Set Circo Bay Dot Suit
Angora Pink Floral Suit 

Hello Kitty Stripped Suit 

Apple Fruit Salad Swimsuit 

Floral Halter Swimsuit 

Can’t wait until summer when those chunky thighs are hanging out of their suits!

Just to be clear, I’m talking about little kid thighs, not my own.

5 thoughts on “Little Girl Swim Suits – soooo cute!

  1. Ha! Love the thigh comment. So, which suit(s) will miss Caroline be sporting this summer? They’re all darling, but ILOVE the Angora Pink one.

    • Caroline will be wearing an adorable Hello Kitty one my mom bought for her – it’s pink with ruffles – when we tried it on her the first time she wouldn’t take it off and that was when it was 50 degrees outside.

  2. Love the suits and I agree the one piece suits are the bomb for the little ones and much easier to keep on and keep sand out of…

  3. Caroline is a girl to my own heart, she knows when she looks good and knows what she likes!!!

  4. I’m kind of in love with all of them – especially the ones with ruffles. And I do LOVE the Angora Pink one as well!

    Can’t wait to see Miss Caroline in her Hello Kitty suit!

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