Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Just in case, anyone out there, oh, I don’t know, maybe my own family, needs some last minute Mother’s Day ideas, I have gathered a few ideas.

Lisa Leonard Necklace 

You are Loved necklace or the Single Tag necklace (not sure of wording on this)

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey

Be Kind print Hubby Arranging for a Babysitter & Date Night 

Have 3 NEW restaurant choices to choose from for a Mother’s Day meal 

A few hours of uninterrupted craft time

Home Made Cards

Load some music onto our Ipod 

Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping for a week

Spa Gift card

Do you have any other Mother’s Day wishes / ideas on your list?

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Hand-held GPS for geocaching! Actually that was my bday gift AND mo’s day gift all in one – that puppy wasn’t cheap! I certainly like the idea of a date night where the husband arranges the babysitter! ;o)

  2. Actually, I did. A print of my grandchildren’s feet at the beach…for the bathroom that will someday be done…

  3. I have a page on Facebook (looking good) that I do similiar suggestions..hope you dont mind if I steal some of these.

    • and by mind I should say……I did it (stole them)…….i thought they were great ideas……I hope you dont mind.

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