For our recent trip to Indiana, I packed each of our boys a backpack full of activities and books. I expected the boys to be responsible for their backpacks but thought I would carry everything for my 3 year old in a big bag.

That was not the case.

Caroline insisted on having a “pack pack” while we were getting ready and continued to insist on one throughout the trip.

She adores her two older brothers.

Whatever these big guys do…

she wants to be a part of it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

June Goals Revisited

Add Item to Etsy ShopCheck!

Clean out Game Closet with KidsFail! Even though the month isn’t over I’m positive this will not get done.

Buy Environmentally Friendly Toilet PaperCheck! – Sorry I can’t help it I must say the wildly inappropriate pun…Man that sh*t is expensive!

Every Week Spend Alone Time with Each ChildCheck!

Add a shelf in the master bedroom closetCheck! Thanks Derek!

Visit the Pool A lot!Check!

*Hard to believe 2012 is almost half way over!

Operation Junk in the Trunk

Today is my 3rd day of Operation – Junk in the Trunk.

After viewing some rather unflattering backside vacation photos someone took of me,  I realized it’s pretty ugly back there and something must be done.

So here are my self imposed rules for the next 3 weeks:

1) Eat bread only once a day (I’m including rice, potatoes, cereal, chips, pasta, tortillas, and actual bread into this category.)

2) Use some exercise DVD’s at home. I used this for the first time yesterday since it came from Netflix.

This DVD is OLD. I’m talking banana clips in the hair and triangle spandex old. But like the title said it’s a great buns and thighs workout. Sadly I didn’t get passed the introduction before I sat down to watch it and I don’t have a step to use with it BUT I worked out to it.

I’ll keep this video for another workout, send it back, and then give Denise Austin or Billy Blanks a try.

3) I am going to swim 3 days a week with our masters team.

4) No eating after dinner.

In order to combat my love of snacking at night, we will now be eating dinner at 9 pm.

Maybe not.

4) I will be allowed a few sweet treats over the course of the next 3 weeks but I know I will be chewing lots and lots of gym.

I’ll let you know how I progress in Operation: Junk in the Trunk.

And no, there will not be your typical before and after pictures.

You’ll just have to take my word for it or check me out when we’re at the pool 🙂

A Fart Cake

Two years ago my son had a bowling party so naturally I thought I would make a bowling cake.

Instead, I made a fart cake.

When asked what kind of cake he wanted me to make in true little boy humor he declared, “I want a fart cake.”

So I pondered. And pondered. And pondered.

And finally we came up with this… A Bowling Fart Cake…

Where’s the fart part you ask?

Take a close look at Alex’s rear end…

The green fart smell than inundates poor Andrew who is sitting at the back of the lane.

Earlier in the day we took pictures of the boys, shrunk them, and used them on the cake.

Add in a bowling bowl and chair made out of fondant, two signs printed out, and your fart cake is all done.

Trust me when I say this cake was a huge hit with eight year olds.

Oh, and the cake tasted great, I decided not to take the theme too far 🙂

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I Think I Want to Marry You

Good luck to any guy who wants to propose to a woman who’s seen this video.

I don’t think it possible to top this.

(Click on the picture and it will take you to the video)

By the way, my husband asked me to marry him at Graceland – and no he wasn’t wearing blue suede shoes – but it was at Heartbreak Hotel 🙂



I have blogged before about my love of Katie Moon’s art and today is the same but with a fun twist.

While Katie offers free downloads each week on her blog, she also has a business illustrating families.

Back in March I entered our family into a contest for her to draw our family. I had to give a little bio about each of us and hoped she would choose our entry.

Well, the good news was that Katie chose our family to illustrate!

I requested that we be drawn as superheros since that’s what the kids are often dressed up as and here’s the drawing…

Click here to see the post Katie did about us and our bios.

I especially love the way she was spot on in her depiction of my thighs 🙂

Thanks Katie, we love the illustration!


When you are three, there is nothing better than playing in the rain and getting to hold the umbrella.

Hope your skies are sunny today!


Remember when I went bathing suit shopping?  Here’s a little snippet of that trip.

I found the bathing suit department in Dillard’s and quickly scanned the racks and racks of options.

I spent the next twenty minutes loading down my arms full of tops, bottoms, and full suits.

The dressing room was full so I had to wait in the little waiting area until one became available.

A teenager came out of the dressing room in this horrible little dress and looked at her friend who was standing next to me.

“What do you think?”

I thought the answer was obvious.

You look awful! You look like you should be walking the streets! Take that off!

Apparently I was wrong.

“You look great. I love that on you.”

People. Let me describe this doozey of an outfit to you.

It was a short black, teal, and white dress with the white part in the back covering her rear end.

There were cut outs on each side of the dress which exposed her stomach plus it had a cut out in the back.

The girl was squeezed into this dress which was obviously three sizes two small.

It looked painful and pitiful.

And this girl was pretty. She could have looked amazing in a different dress but instead she looked awful.

But there her friend was insisting, “You look great. You can definitely wear that to the movies.”

The girl decided to buy the dress and I just hope her mom had an ounce of sense and refused to let her wear it.

If asked, I would have suggested ditching the dress and the friend.