Packing Tip

For our recent trip to Indiana I tried a new technique for packing.

You see, when packing for 5 people who are going on a 4 night trip with 3 hotel stays, things need to be as organized as possible.

Our clothing needs ran the gamut, from graduation clothes to traveling clothes to caving clothes so I decided to pack all of the kids clothes into gallon sized Ziploc bags.

I first wrote out a label for each bag with the name of the day/event the clothes inside the bag would be for.

The kids and I then chose the clothes and included a pair of socks and some underwear into each bag.

I ended up with 5 bags for each child and found this system perfect for all of our late nights. It was easy to just grab a bag, hand the kids their clothes, and yell, “Oh my God it’s 10:30! Hurry up and shower!”

Now if only I could get my husband into littler clothing all of our packing dilemmas would be solved


3 thoughts on “Packing Tip

  1. Marisa had to pack like this on Mission Trip when she went a couple of years ago. Since it rains a lot, they pack in the large rubbermaid totes. Worked great!

  2. I actually used to do similar things for the two younger ones in the family when we went on swim meet weekends because I did not want the clothes to get wet when we went to the pool. Something dry was essentail for dinner.

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