Master Bedroom Headboard

Last time I wrote about our master bedroom headboard I left you with this picture…

Well, here’s the final product!

I haven’t bought the proper pillows for the white cases yet, but besides that I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I went to the Habitat store and found this headboard for $45 but used a Habitat coupon and got it for $37.50. I kind of feel like scum using a coupon at the Habitat store?

The headboard didn’t have the lighter colored board in it so there was actually a large hole in the middle of it.

To say my husband was skeptical is an understatement. Though he pushed forward and inserted the board to fill in the empty space.

I only remembered to take a picture half way through painting it.

I used a black flat paint because I wanted to minimize the flowers and thought if I used a gloss they would stand out more.

When the board was all finished drying we brought it inside.

I knew there was going to be a height problem so my husband anchored the headboard to the wall using hooks.

So there you go, our master bedroom headboard.

Go here for the pillows post.

5 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Headboard

  1. That dark gray really transforms the shabby piece into a show piece. It all fits now with the wall and the pillows…gray is one of my favorites to use now as a neutral base.

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