Bedroom Pillows – It’s Love, eh

One of my January goals was to make pillows for my bed.

My biggest hurdle for this project was the fact that I knew I had to change the sewing machine needle before I started this project. Sounds easy but to someone who had never attempted to change the needle I was terrified. I didn’t even look at the manual because I just knew it would be difficult. I bought the fabric to make these pillows way back in September so that was a lot of stalling on my part.

But guess what?

It was easy. I’m talking 10 seconds easy.

So here’s the final look…

In case you don’t know, I’m married to a Canadian and there’s quite a bit of “eh” going on around here. I kept asking him, “Doesn’t it need an exclamation point or a question mark?” My husband insisted it wasn’t necessary since, “We use eh for everything.”

Here’s the run down of the pillows:

3 Large Pillows- Annie Selke Fabric – Seema/Oxford Ivory/Raspberry

(Our bedroom wall is the same light blue/gray in these pillows)

2 white pillows  – I bought two king pillowcases – I put them on our wimpy standard pillows and wrapped the remaining fabric in the back – I will need to get the proper king sized pillows for these someday.

2 Pink Swirl PillowsAnnie Selke Fabric – Scramble Raspberry

1 “Love, eh” Burlap Pillow – burlap on front, Annie Selke on the back

I first taped off a section on the burlap and drew my words on with a sharpie.

Next, I went over my letters with black fabric paint.

After humming and hawing for awhile about the next step, I took the extra tape pieces off the sides – in other words, I made a rectangle of tape but didn’t take a picture.

I now had a perfect rectangle shape to follow when I free handed a rectangle with my white embroidery thread. I double the thread so it would be thicker throughout.

Here’s a fuzzy shot of the embroidery thread.

And the final products once again.

Now onto the bedroom lamps!

7 thoughts on “Bedroom Pillows – It’s Love, eh

  1. they look great!!! I’m envious of your motivation! Keep going!

    there’s a saying: you can take a Texan out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the Texan! Same goes for Canada! 🙂

  2. Love the pillows! When in Michigan Amanda and I went into a shop that had burlap type pillows and pillows that were like inexpensive duck material…one had HO3 and there were othre sayings that were contemporary xmas…can’t get the 3 to the third power…

  3. Wow! These look amazing. I have some patterns from Pottery barn…will just drop them off in your mailbox next time I am in the area, not a problem to pick them up when finished 😉

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