A Suit

I need a new swim suit so today I am shopping for one with my daughter.

Why am I going shopping with her?

Because going bathing suit shopping with one child will be a lot easier than with three children.

School ends tomorrow and I must get a suit.

Can you imagine the shaningans that would go on outside of the dressing room with two boys?

It will be must easier to take only my daughter though she will be highly critical of anything that is not pink.

Crossing my fingers I find one!

3 thoughts on “A Suit

  1. Those boys would be absurd to go shopping with for a bathing suit for you. Love them to death but know their limits. If you find something great, buy two with all the swimming your clan does.

  2. I hope you found a nice one! And to answer your question, no, I cannot imagine, nor do I wish to try, what your boys or my boys would do if they were left to their own devices waiting in a store outside of a change room with their mother locked inside. ;o) I’m pretty sure, at least with mine, that it would involve a high speed game of chase, ducking and weaving between the racks of clothes with innocent shoppers being bumped and toppled over. How many times have I been BY THEIR SIDES and one jabs the other, “You’re it!!!” and runs away? STOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!

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