May Goals Revisited

Not my best month but I’m pleased.

Sort of.

Let’s take a look.

Clean off desk and keep it cleanFail – This was a pipe dream and it never had a chance of being accomplished. Anyone who has ever worked with me before knows I keep a messy desk but somehow manage to know where everything is.

Make Guest Room PillowsFail! Bought material but didn’t get any farther.

Add some Art to my BedroomFail! Thought about art for the guest room but not for mine.

Stick to Grocery BudgetCheck! I think. Is that bad? We only ate out once a week and everyone brought lunches everyday but we did go on 2 trips which meant eating out for every meal for about a total of 7 days.

Buy Environmentally Safe Snack ContainersCheck!

I ordered these snack containers and I’m really excited to start using them. I saw them over at I Heart Organizing and thought I’d give them a try since she raves about them. They are BPA free, freezer friendly, and have a twist top.

Surprise my Kids in some wayCheck! Remember the shrunken heads? Yep, that was surprise, fright, and fascination all rolled into one.

Paint Guest Bathroom WallsCheck! All done.

Paint Wall Touch Ups Around HousePartial check! One day while everyone was at school I walked around the house with our main inside paint color and touched up some spots that needed it. Unfortunately, I only had about 15 minutes to do this so I have more areas of the house to do this in before it’s considered done.

Get Estimate for Plantation Shutters for My RoomFail

Scrapbook 10 pages Check!

Add etsy game / bingo to site Check! I put my Father’s Day printable up on etsy yesterday.

Read a Parenting BookCheck!

As part of a parent ed program, our elementary brought in Marilyn Morris for a discussion on sex education. She wrote the book ABC’s of the Birds and Bees for Parents of Toddlers to Teens. I had actually heard Mrs. Morris speak about 4 years ago and enjoyed listening to her then just as I did a few months ago.

I bought her book and read it as my parenting book for the month. This book is an extremely easy read, broken down into small segments so that it’s easy to put the book down. Reading this book was comforting in a way but hugely worrying in another. I felt like there were some pat on the back moments for me as a parent but there were many more hold your breath moments. Just the facts about teenagers with STD’s are staggering.

This book does have a slant toward promoting abstinence before marriage but whatever your feelings are on that subject, you will get some good information on how to talk to your kids about sex and the potential risks associated with it today.

I also bought the teenager’s workbook that goes along with the adult’s book. I haven’t actually opened it yet but in theory a young teenager would read a few pages from the workbook and then have a discussion with a parent.

Morris is quick to note that discussing sex should not be a one time conversation with your children but an ongoing discussion starting when they are young.

This book was certainly eye opening but it did put me to sleep a few times. That’s okay because I’m sure I will read it several times again over the next couple of years.

Gather Supplies and Run 2 End of the Year PartiesCheck! As you read this I’m probably running back and worth between the 4th grade and Kinder classes trying to run 2 parties – with a 3 year old on my hip. Just a helpful shout out to all those fellow room moms out there – I feel your pain! People, if a room mom asks for your help, HELP THEM!

Fix, Paint, Hang Front Room ShelfFail. The one time I went to work on this I couldn’t. This will hopefully get done sometime soon.

Get Estimate & Order Sun Shades for Our Attic WindowsCheck! Mostly. I got two estimates for the shades, chose someone, and had to wait about 2 weeks for approval from the home owners association. Thankfully I got the green light today and will order them on Monday.

How’d you do this month?

2 thoughts on “May Goals Revisited

  1. I didn’t meet my goals. I wanted to get a couple pages done for the website but didn’t get a single thing done 🙁

  2. My big goal was to clean up my classroom at school which was a lot like your desk and I was successful. Another goal was to make a host of appointments and thus far dental was checked off, dermatology was checked off, and eye appt is Monday. For me, this is miraculous.

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