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Move Over Mia Hamm

So this happened last weekend… Caroline played in her first soccer game. After watching her brothers play in roughly 692,000 games over the last five years, she is so excited to be on a team and play in her own … Continue reading

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Anyone for Tennis?

Anyone for tennis? Wouldn’t it be nice? My 8 year old has played tennis on and off for the last year and really enjoyed it. My 4 year old decided she had been carted around to enough sports events and … Continue reading

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A New Fangled Contraption

We’ve been taking our dog Sophie for a walk every morning now that swim practice is over for the summer. If we don’t take her in the morning, it’s not happening since the morning temps have been in the 80’s … Continue reading

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A Sleepover Party for My 11 Year Old

I have to confess something. I hate sleepover parties. Really hate them. I know I should love them as a mom and love that my friends have kids who want to come to their house but alas, I hate them. … Continue reading

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The Dallas Color Run 2013

My friend Melissa, my 10 year old, and I ran the Color Run this past Saturday in Dallas. It was tons of fun and would have been even more fun if I had properly trained for the 5K. I know … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

My husband and I were watching a taped Katie Couric show the other day. In the beginning he fained interest but was disappointed when I turned it off. The show was about plastic surgery mishaps. The stories, pictures, and agony … Continue reading

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First Ballet Class

Are you ready for me to make your heart melt? Caroline had her first ballet class last week and it was just the most adorable site to see. I know. It just makes your heart smile.

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Tonight I officially became my parents. Yes, I’ve seen bits and pieces of them come out before but tonight was the turning point. I have become my parents. They went to countless swim practices, swim meets, and bought us endless … Continue reading

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Adam Greenberg – A Marlin Tonight

Tonight Adam Greenberg is getting a second chance. A second chance at playing in the major leagues. Seven years ago, Adam was up at is first bat in his first major league game when the unthinkable happened. He was struck … Continue reading

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Gymnastics through the Years

Caroline has just started a little 6 week community gymnastics class which she loves. (Caroline at three and a half) ¬†Funny thing is, it’s not my first time in this room or this class. Here’s Andrew in 2008 in the … Continue reading

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