Caroline’s Room Plan

Whenever we paint around here my 4 year old gets super excited and asks if we are going to paint her room next.

Since nothing in her room has really changed since she was born (minus the crib change out for a big girl bed) and she’s getting ready to turn five (sniff sniff), I decided now was a good time to redo her room.

She settled on a rainbow theme.

Less than thrilled I went with it but really like what we’ve pulled together.

And by pull together I mean found around the house and made.

Besides the paint color (75% Repose Gray), ceiling paint (white), and the main fabric the big project in her room, I used what we already had. (Gramma will be throwing in a new comforter set once we get to that point – thanks Mom!)

And guess what?

I’m really excited with everything and so is she.

So here’s the basic plan which I put together after I had completed about half of the projects.



While Caroline and I made all of the art work in her room, here are the links to the pieces on the design board:

HGTV Mod All Over Fruit Punch (main fabric in room)

Robert Kauffman’s Urban Circus fabric

You are Loved print

Though she be but little print– Sugarhouse House Ink

Felt hearts – Flickr

Unicorn print – Block Party Prints

Alright, I’ve got to go work on some projects if I’m going to meet my goal of finishing her room by the end of the month.

Happy Designing!

Big D & Me Christmas & Winter Fun

I’m sure everyone is in the final stages of gift buying for the holidays so I wanted to remind you of the wonderful Christmas products available in the Big D & Me Etsy Shop.

For those Christmas & Winter parties there’s bingo!

Printable Christmas Bingo


Printable Winter Bingo


For neighbors, teachers, friends, and family there’s Christmas Conversation Cards & Lunchbox Jokes…

Printable Christmas Conversation Cards & Lunchbox Jokes




Ready to Send Christmas Conversation Cards & Lunchbox Jokes



Head on over to Big D & Me Etsy to do some last minute Christmas shopping ūüôā


Winter Bingo – New on Etsy!

I’ve been working for the last few weeks on a new Winter Bingo game and it’s finally ready!

Winter Bingo is perfect for those school winter parties you are planning!

(There are no religious images used in this game)


Winter Bingo is perfect as a a cold afternoon activity!

A sample of the call cards…


Winter Bingo is perfect for all ages during the Christmas break!

Boards come in 5 x 5 boards , 3 x 3 boards, and 1 x 4 boards.


That’s 54 different boards!

All proceeds from our etsy sales go to help fund our adoption so we thank you so much!

Go on over and check out this Winter Bingo at Big D & Me Etsy.

Halloween & Christmas Gifts Right Here

I’ve got some fun family gift ideas for you today for both Halloween and Christmas.

You’ve probably seen the PDF files for the Holiday Conversation Cards & Lunchbox Jokes in the Big D &¬† Me etsy shop – each set is listed for $3.95 (Halloween here, Christmas here)

But today, I’ve got something for you where all of the hard work is done.

Those same PDF files are printed and bagged for you – ready to give as a gift!

The Halloween Set


81 cards come as part of the Halloween set:

36 Conversation Cards – 31 with topics, 5 blank to create your own

36 Lunchbox Joke Cards

9 Lunchbox Halloween Messages





The Christmas Set


72 cards come as part of the Christmas  set:

36 Conversation Cards – 31 with topics, 5 blank to create your own

27 Lunchbox Joke Cards

9 Lunchbox Halloween Messages

Christmas_Conversation_Card_2  Christmas_Jokes




Each set costs $6.00 and ALL SALES go toward FUNDING OUR ADOPTION.

You can find each set here:

Halloween Conversation Cards & Lunchbox Notes – Click Here!

Christmas Conversation  Cards &  Lunchbox Notes РClick Here!

*If you live local, let me know so I can deliver and save you the shipping cost*

Thanks so much!

We’ve Got News…

Hold on to your hats…We’ve got news!


We are so excited to have another little person join our family!

We will share more information in a few weeks but for now I will tell you that our family has started the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia.

Would you like a way to help us?

Tell everyone you know about the Big D & Me etsy shop.

Right now Father’s Day printables are for sale and make the perfect gift.


All proceeds go straight into our adoption fund!

Facebook it, Tweet it, Phone it, Email it!

Thanks so much for all of your support!

New Star Wars Prints

The Father’s Day printable at the Big D & Me’s etsy shop has been selling well – thanks friends!

I wanted to let you know about three new prints we have added to the store.

These prints are perfect for your little Star Wars fans.

The Millennium Falcom


The ATAT  Imperial Walker


The X-Wing Fighter


All prints are completely customizable to your desired colors, phrases, or names.

So go on over to the shop and check out these prints, your little Jedi will love them!

Teacher Interview – New to Etsy!

Just stopping by here to let you know that I added a new product to the Big D & Me Etsy Shop.

The All About My Teacher Interview!


I had many requests from people who wanted it a form for teacher appreciation gifts, birthday celebrations, end of the year parties, and Christmas gifts.

This will be a huge hit with questions like…

My teacher has ___ drinks after school.

My teacher hates when administrators ______.

KIDDING! And before anyone slams me for being rude to teachers, I am one so I’m kidding from a knowing place (only the knowing, not the drinking).

 This form comes with:

1) an instruction sheet, detailing the different combinations which could be used for the teacher interview

2) 3 different interview forms

3) Cover sheet – completely customizable once you send me the teacher’s information.

What a great deal for only $3.25!

*Visit the Big D & Me etsy shop to pick yourself up a copy of the Teacher Interview Packet*

Printable Halloween Dinner Conversation Cards – New to Etsy!

So I’ve spent the last few months thinking about Halloween.

Believe it or not, I started putting together these cards in June and am so excited to finally say they are done!

The Halloween Dinner Conversation Set includes: 31 cards with conversation starters and 5 blank cards (this allows you to add topics unique to your family)

Our family has enjoyed discussing these prompts and laughing together as we brainstorm and reminisce about Halloween.

These cards are wonderful for a table of two or tenyoung and old!

Hurry and order your set of the Printable Halloween Conversation Cards and let the fun at the dinner table start!

Printable Baby Shower Prints – New on Etsy!

If you are hosting a baby shower anytime soon, these baby shower prints in my shop would be perfect!

These prints are each 8.5 in x 11 in and could really add a special touch to your dessert area.

Wouldn’t a little humor at the shower be fun?

I will customize your prints by using the colors of your shower.

And yes, I kid about the terrified new dad.

Here’s one that might more accurately reflect your dad-to-be.

Each purchase of these prints comes with 4 PDF files for you to print:

1  Mom-to Be print

1 Baby Love print

1 Dad-to-Be print – terrified

1 Dad-to-Be print – excited

I’d love for you to head over and check out the Printable Baby Shower Prints!