We’ve Got News…

Hold on to your hats…We’ve got news!


We are so excited to have another little person join our family!

We will share more information in a few weeks but for now I will tell you that our family has started the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia.

Would you like a way to help us?

Tell everyone you know about the Big D & Me etsy shop.

Right now Father’s Day printables are for sale and make the perfect gift.


All proceeds go straight into our adoption fund!

Facebook it, Tweet it, Phone it, Email it!

Thanks so much for all of your support!

7 thoughts on “We’ve Got News…

  1. That is HUGE!! Can we please have a phone conversation sometime? :o) This is so neat; I’m so proud of you. You continue to inspire….

  2. this makes me so happy!!! that is one lucky little baby, for sure. sending prayers up for a smooth adoption and transition for your family. congrats!

  3. How exciting! I am delighted to hear that you’ve started the process! I’d love to talk sometime — my niece is adopted from Ethiopia, and my sister-in-law has been working with programs there. It’s lovely to think of you all as a family of 6!

  4. Whoa! Wow!!! This a great and super huge news. Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible and I can’t wait to see her/him.

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