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Mother Effing Pain

Last week I had electrolysis. Let that sink in. On my bikini line. Let that sink in. The woman doing the procedure described it as “pin pricking.” I would describe it as “Mother Effing Pain.” Let me describe the stages … Continue reading

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Recipe Ideas

You would think eating out for an entire week would get old. But, guess what? It wasn’t! It was great. As an added bonus there are no dishes to clean! Double great. But…it is expensive so alas once the refrigerator … Continue reading

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5th Graders & the Stupid Deli

I tutor math 3 days a week for 3 hours a day in an elementary school. 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders – you really should try it some time. The other day I was talking to the big wig know-it-alls … Continue reading

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From Birthday to Easter Decorations – Easy & Lazy

Caroline’s birthday party was over 3 weeks ago – so naturally the decorations are still up. Since I liked all the bright colors I figured I could keep them all upĀ  for Easter (and the rest spring) by just tweaking … Continue reading

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Spring Clothes…Not So Fast

I just spent the last hour looking online for some new capri pants and shorts. I think I want to shoot myself. Or maybe it’s everyone who writes on the clothing reviews that I want to hurt… “I ordered a … Continue reading

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Just Wrong in Gymboree

Yesterday I was in Gymboree browsing through items near the cash register when I overheard the following conversation between two women. “Oh, I see you finally got your little boy.” “Yes, I am so excited to have him. After two … Continue reading

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Cardboard Boxes – So Much Fun!

The last time I talked about Caroline’s super hero party it was concerning the scavenger hunt, bean bag toss, and the chest letters they received. Today it’s, “Exploring the City!” When I looked on pinterest for Caroline’s super hero party … Continue reading

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A Few Good Books

Winter is always a good time to hop in bed, snuggle in with the comforter, and read a good book. I’ve read a few books recently that I thought you might be interested in. The Sisters: A Novel – Nancy … Continue reading

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A Little Warm Around Here

You know you are in trouble when you go to get out the milk from the fridge in the morning and your foot sloshes around a lot of water on the ground. Yesterday morning our refrigerator & freezer both died. … Continue reading

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Daylight Savings Time – Me No Likey

I dislike daylight savings time. Truly, truly dislike it. At about 4:00 pm yesterday things were difficult around here. There was tons of whining, lots of dragging, and plenty of annoying moments. And that was just from my husband and … Continue reading

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