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Mother Effing Pain

Last week I had electrolysis. Let that sink in. On my bikini line. Let that sink in. The woman doing the procedure described it as “pin pricking.” I would describe it as “Mother Effing Pain.” Let me describe the stages … Continue reading

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Tonight I officially became my parents. Yes, I’ve seen bits and pieces of them come out before but tonight was the turning point. I have become my parents. They went to countless swim practices, swim meets, and bought us endless … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With Her Boys

Caroline had a break through moment this weekend. As we were driving to a pool with my parents, the boys were excited to remember that this pool had a diving board. They discussed going off the board and what kind … Continue reading

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Andrew had a friend spending the night so of course it involved a trip to the pool before bedtime. Hey, this ain’t my first time at the rodeo people. I know how to tucker those kiddos out. No one is … Continue reading

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Lost Goggles?

We’re deep into summer and the constant question around here started to be… “Moooooooommmm, where’s my goggles?” I knew I needed a place to put lost goggles so I used our lost socks holder. Works great! <

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The Secret

I have found the secret to weight loss. People will be amazed with my results and will be amazed that they too can get the same results. I lost 8 pounds this week! First off, let me explain that I … Continue reading

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6 Weeks

It has been 6 weeks since my miscarriage and I’m angry. Just plain angry. I don’t know what stage of grief that falls under. In fact, I purposely have not looked at the stages of grief. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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I must be more attractive than I thought. Or maybe it’s my glowing personality. Either way, I’m bewildered by my locker room experience today. Let me back up and tell you the story. Then you can be the judge. After … Continue reading

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Swimming on Empty?

Here’s another story from my swim practice the other day: I swam all practice next to a 20 something guy who I’ve seen for the past couple of months. After practice we were talking with the coach about some health … Continue reading

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