We have a sock monster in our house.

We must, because I don’t understand how we have so many single socks waiting for a partner.

After having a rotating pile of socks on my bedroom floor for a year I decided enough is enough – We gave the socks their very own space in the laundry room.

It’s always amazing to me that five or six of these socks will find a match during the week yet the numbers never dwindle due to new socks being added.

Needed: frame without glass, string or wire, staple gun, clothespins

We simply stapled the string to the frame and called it done.

A little peek at the laundry room art I created.

The artwork matches the complete failure of an ironing board cover I made.

Come back next week when I share all of the downloadable laundry art I’ve been working on.

7 thoughts on “Singles

  1. Okay, you never cease to entertain! Seriously a great idea and equally hilarious!!! I’ve got to feature this next week on my blog. I have to make this for our laundry room too. Awesome job 🙂

  2. I did hear that the washing machines actually suck small items up into the pipes…my husband would rant and rave about the single socks at least once a month when we had six of us at home.

  3. I love this idea! We have a sock monkey at our house too. One day I found myself wearing two different socks to work (both navy and I was wearing black) & one of them was my husband’s. Ridiculous!

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