A New Addition

Remember my post “A Hairy Christmas?”

It could have been considered hairy for an entirely different reason.

We got a dog.

Now to be clear, I never wanted a dog.


In my experience, they are stinky and their hair gets everywhere.

But this kid changed my mind.

My son has always loved animals and desperately wanted a pet.

When he was four we got him fish.

When he was four they died.

Not quite the pet he was looking for.

Before my husband and I went out looking for a dog I made a list of the type of dog I would welcome into my home.

1. Dark haired dog.

2. Short haired dog.

3. Medium sized dog.

Instead we came home with Sophie.

She’s got white fur.

She’s got long hair.

She’s 42 pounds as a puppy.

She only met one of my requirements.

She makes my son happy.

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