Thank You

My husband and I are trying to raise our children to be well mannered, considerate, and respectable young people.

Emphasis on the trying.

They’re not walking around wearing white undershirts and smoking but some days I worry if we’re making any progress.

Thank you cards are big in our house.

I believe it’s important for kids to learn how to write them and send them each time they receive a gift.

So everyday for the past week, our kids have written a thank you card to someone who gave a present to them over the holidays.

I’m fairly sure my 6 year old’s thank you card proves we’re not succeeding in our goal.


11 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Ah, look at the positives! Great penmanship and spacing, complete sentences, superb punctuation, good phonemic spelling and my, that kid has voice! A+ in my book!

  2. That is a good note. Kids and poop comments just seem to go hand in hand, especially for kids in school. Its is just their immaturity. As my mother used to say she sent me to school innocent to the world and came home knowing bad words. What a challenge we have.

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