Signs I’m Becoming a Grumpy Old Man

Lately, I think I am noticing the signs of being a grumpy old man.

You know, passing a group of teenagers on the street and then calling them hooligans to my husband later. Or maybe it’s the fact that it can be 6:30 in the morning and I’ve already finished breakfast and read the paper. Or how about the fact that I think dinner at 6:00 pm is practically midnight.

But here’s my most recent sign-

Am I the only one bothered by nurses dressed in scrubs walking through the food court?

This can’t be sanitary on so many levels.

Do they change into different scrubs once they get back to work?

Or did they change into new scrubs when they were leaving the hospital to eat, removing all of the sick patient germs?

If you follow this logic they must be changing at a minimum of three times a day.

I know hand washing is the most important thing but the fact that I’ve seen them in the bathroom gives me a full body shiver.

This can’t be clean.

I’m thinking of writing a letter to the editor to share my disgust and have this changed.

Oh great, now I’m writing letters to the editor.

It’s another sign.

3 thoughts on “Signs I’m Becoming a Grumpy Old Man

  1. Not to mention doctors…they cannot possible have facilities home to sanitize these outfits…I agree and that may be part of the reason the sooner you get out of a hospital, the better you are….

  2. I remember seeing nurses ride the train in Chicago in their scrubs and it always struck me as so odd. I could see at the end of a shift but not at the beginning!

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