December Goals Revisited

Completely over due but here it goes…

Add 1 Item to Etsy ShopFail! But I have added one this month. Here are the new nursery and bedroom customizable prints I am now selling:





James_printFinish Christmas ShoppingCheck!

Stretch EverydayFail! Pathetic I know. Seems like such a simple goal. I would say I stretched about 20 days out of the month (and plenty of those were half hearted stretches in the shower).

Surprise My Kids Check! They opened Disney shirts on Christmas morning and then we announced that we were taking them in a week. Best surprise ever!

Buy New Mattress for Guest RoomCheck!

Hang Frames in Guest RoomFail!

Get thru Running the 5th Grade Holiday PartyCheck!

Volunteer at SomethingCheck! My husband, sons, dad, sister, and I volunteered on December 24th with Meals on Wheels and delivered meals through Wee Volunteers. It was quite an eye opening experience and one that my boys really enjoyed.

Have Fun During the HolidaysCheck!

I’m still deciding how my goals will look for 2013 but rest assured I’ll let you know as soon as I finalize that.