I think this will be the last year my oldest will believe.

In fact, he may not even get to the 25th but I’m crossing my fingers.

Now, we haven’t completely sheltered our kids – they’ve known sadness, been aware of world events, and been a part of serious dinner conversations.

It’s just that, to believe, is so magical and child like. Once he stops believing, he’ll be so much more grown up than he was just moments before.

He can rattle off the names of Civil War battles, go into detailed plane descriptions, and listen to eight straight hours of football coverage.

But he still believes.

When I hear him discussing reindeer characteristics and sleigh routes with his brother I smile.

So I think we may go see the Christmas movie before it hits the dollar show in March and buy the extra large gingerbread house to work on as a family.

And hopefully we’ll get through this last season with everyone believing.

3 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Don’t let him watch TV. There are so many commercials and specials that give the secret away.

  2. It is such a magical time of innocence….why we like to believe is interesting and why we like them to believe as long as possible says something about ourselves. A little bit of magic in anyone’s life never hurts. I think as my husband and I have grown older together, we have magical moments of saying what the other one’s thinking.

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