The “P” Word

I can say vagina. No problem.

I can say penis without batting an eye.

Anytime, anywhere I’m completely fine saying, “Don’t throw the ball at his penis,” or “Yes girls have vaginas and boys have penises.”

But “panties?”


No can do.

The word repulses me and makes me quiver.

It’s underwear people!

Let’s use the term.

With my boys this word never even came up. Obviously.

Though even “vagina” came up with them when explaining body differences.

But panties?


Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

I hate when someone says the word.

I don’t think I’ll get over it.

The other day when I took Caroline in for her 4 year old check up we were having a good time laughing and playing while waiting for the doctor.

In walks the doctor. A cute hip looking woman who I like a lot.

What’s the first thing she says to Caroline?

“Are you wearing princess panties?”

Eew. Eew. Double eew.

I mean, seriously, you’re a medical professional, let’s use the proper terms lady.

Panties my ass!