A Watched Pot

Last week as Alex was searching for something for lunch he asked me, “Do you know how to make mac n’cheese?”

I took it as an insult.

While I am admittedly a bad cook, I can at least make mac n’cheese.

From a box that is.

Let’s not get all crazy and make it from scratch.

Plus, I’ve made it a good hundred times or so for him. Doesn’t he remember at least one of those occasions?

Alex decided he was going to learn the very detailed and complex process of making this gourmet lunch.

I walked him through all the steps and watched as he proudly served his brother lunch.

Turns out his first attempt was so successful he decided to cook it again today. This time though he drove me crazy. Off and on. Off and on. Off and on went the lid.

I explained the phrase “A watched pot never boils” to him in hopes of getting him to walk away for a few minutes.

I should not have bothered.

He thought his idea was much better.

I cannot wait to see what he does when I explain, “A chip on your shoulder.”

4 thoughts on “A Watched Pot

  1. Hahaha this is a hilarious picture! By the way, I have an amazing mac & cheese recipe (from scratch) that I’m going to send you. You can add in broccoli to make it more nutritious and no one would ever know b/c it tastes sooo good 🙂

  2. Umm, you have Grandpa Gus’s homemade mac and cheese recipe! But this picture reminds me of Ryan Becker junior!

  3. Amanda does have a great recipe but I can only serve it when we have people over because dad truly is not a fan of any Mac n’ cheese. I will eat it in a house, with a mouse, boxed or fresh, any ole time…true comfort food.

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