Kid Art Display

When our kids were in preschool we had a tremendous amount of artwork coming home. Andrew actually still has a ton of artwork coming home. I wanted to display their work since they were so proud but wasn’t sure what to do.
In our old house we hung two of these IKEA magnetic boards. This system worked okay but we quickly had 3 layers of artwork on the board. I would surreptitiously remove artwork every couple of weeks.
Sometimes the pieces went into scrapbooks while other times we would place them in the recycle bucket. Somehow the day the artwork would go into the recycling bucket was the day the boys insisted on ransacking the pantry where the bucket was kept.
Of course, they would come marching out, “Why was this in the recycling bucket?” I always pleaded innocent and said, “Your dad must have put it in there. He has no appreciation for fine art.”
So once we moved I had the same predicament. What to do with the artwork? Well we went back to the great Swedish wonderland and found these. They are actually curtain hangers. We bought 3 of them and placed them up on our playroom wall. I love it and I think it gives the artwork it’s proper respect.

Kids Wall Art DisplaySo far Andrew has allowed one piece of artwork to replace another each time a new one comes home. If he ever resists I know what I’m going to do.

I’m going to walk straight to the recycling bucket in the garage all the way to the garage and place the art in there myself. It is 4 ft high and out of his line of sight.


7 thoughts on “Kid Art Display

  1. First of all, “surreptitiously” – nice word.
    Secondly, IKEA is a little piece of heaven. Too bad there isn’t one closer to our house and their website (at least in Canada) stinks.
    Thirdly, the artwork looks amazing! Way to go Andrew, you’re extremely crafty.

  2. Oh, that’s VERY pretty. I usually end up taping a few pieces up on a strip of wall in our kitchen, but it doesn’t fit a whole lot.

  3. Of course you know I saved all the art work that my 4 children did over a 20 year period and lo and behold, there was a flood! Better to have recycled it when we actually had recyclying in New Orleans….

  4. Love the art wall. Last year, I put one up in a section of our kitchen with a primed piece of MDF and bulldog clips so I can change out the art as it comes home. One of my favorite spots in the house.

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