Real vs. Fake

No…I am not talking about body parts.

I’m contemplating Christmas trees.

Real vs. Fake

We’ve always had a real tree for as long as I can remember. I remember going to the tree farm with my parents to cut down the tree. We’d walk up and down the rows of trees until my mom could decide which one was the fullest. Then my dad would throw himself on the ground and attempt to saw the tree down with the worst saw known to man. We would then drag the tree to the cashier. Then they’d tie up the tree and my dad would try and hoist the tree on top of whatever minivan we were sporting.

Derek and I have not taken our kids to a tree farm but we have gone every year to chose a tree. For some reason, this special event always occurs on the coldest day of December. After wandering the tree lot for ten minutes we decide we are just too cold and chose whatever tree we are next to. Sometimes our quick decision turns out well and other times we get home and discover we have the Charlie Brown tree.

This year I’m thinking about a fake tree.

We have higher ceiling in our new house so I was thinking it would be great to get a 9 or 12 ft. tree. But I don’t want to pay for a huge tree every year. Maybe a fake tree would be okay. We would spend a bit more out of pocket this year but not have the tree expense again.

On the other hand. The tree is fake. You don’t have the annual trip to get the tree.

“Come on everyone. Get your coats on. We’re going to the attic!”

Doesn’t have quite the same feel.

I’m sure this is a hot button issue with all of you.

Break free and let your tree thoughts be known.

Thoughts? Real vs. Fake.

13 thoughts on “Real vs. Fake

  1. Growing up we had a fake tree….however one year my parents decided to venture into the ‘real tree’ world. It wasn’t as glamorous as they had anticipated. My mom kept complaining how messy the needles were – daily – so that was the last time we got a real tree.
    My grandparents have had the same Christmas tree for at least 30 years, so from a financial perspective – very cost effective but I have to admit it’s looking a little sparse these days.
    My husband is all about the real tree and if he could have it his way, he’d Clark Griswald it out into the wilderness to get the perfect tree…maybe it’s a male thing….one with nature and a saw in hand?
    Me, I’m indifferent. Fake, real…doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s up before the big day!

  2. I was telling Jen about our fake Christmas tree just last night. If I remember correctly it was a NOMA. I don’t remember when we had the real tree.

    We may never have had the tradition of going out to pick the tree out but we had the tradition of having to assemble it each year. The end of each branch had a different colour code indicating where it needed to be put on the tree “trunk”

    I’m also indifferent. I’ve really like having a real tree since it makes the house smell all nice but I won’t miss freezing my fingers off strapping it to the roof of the car.

  3. Gotta do the REAL thing!!!!!! It’s all about the experience and the attic just won’t cut it for me!

  4. Well, you know my thoughts on the matter. ;o) If you do end up getting a fake one, make sure there’s enough room under it to for the gifts. I didn’t think about that when we purchased ours, because our fake one growing up had plenty of room. The one we bought is a “downswept” model that we got from Hobby Lobby down there, but the bottom branches actually touch the floor. So you can put gifts under it, but you have to lift the branches and shove them under, and then you can’t see them. It’s a very pretty tree, but that’s one thing I wish were different.
    … and Deanna’s right, Derek. Texas. Seriously. :o)

  5. I vote fake…no needles, no mess and they come with lights! We put it up while the kids are asleep and decorate it the next day as a family…that way they don’t see it in pieces;o)

    • Thanks for commenting Krista! You’ll have to come back next week to check out our decision:)

  6. Umm, real. As someone who was forced into a fake tree for several years, you don’t realize how important it is to you until you don’t get a real one, one year. So, it’s been real for me the last several years.

  7. As the mom who felt compelled to find the perfect full tree in the scenario Jennifer relived, I felt it was important to comment. Growing up in upstate New York, my family could only afford a tree on the last paycheck at the very last minute before xmas because we lived “paycheck to paycheck”. The slim pickings were really slim and the Charlie Brown tree was usually all there was. From the minute dad and I got married, having a real tree right after Thanksgiving was really important to me. It was part of creating a “ritual” for the family and though our 1st tree was 10 dollars and the lights and ornaments were 12 dollars total, it was important even though as rookies we picked out a crooked trunk and had to tie it to the wall. As the children arrived, two things motivated me and I can say dad (because he says, “real”) one was to show children where “real” things come from and secondly, to create memories–good or bad. Surprisingly this year, we chose to not get a tree because of the crazy construction in the house, but hopefully next year we will and of course, it will be real but delivered by the Plant Nursery because obviously we created traditions that our children can choose or reject….

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